scarlett set 2i2 : full package review

scarlett set 2i2 : full package review

scarlett set 2i2 is a small studio package that ease operations of music creation.Not as a matter of talking about the scarlett set marketing only.

but the Internet now has become full of a lot of content creation equipment.and this percentage has been on the rise in the recent period.

perhaps there is a technological and cultural openness that has led to the spread of the talents of some people.

and the trend has been increasing towards musical equipment such as scarlett set.Many people produce dubbed clips or those that have undergone plastic surgery in music montage.

If we look at the YouTube page. for example, in the early 2000s.we will find many clips that were filmed with dilapidated phones or outdated cameras.

But now, after the spread of a lot of technical expertise and individual content production skills in a strong way.the market trend towards content creation equipment for home use or the like.



which in turn led to amazing results, the most important of which are:

  • Professional musicians or talented singers.
  • Remixe or DJ craetors.
  • Talented presenting radio programs or talented presenting content in general.
  • Designers and finalists in producing and improving the quality of content.

All of these people agreed on one thing. which is to have professional equipment that enables them to build their content well.

without relying on others and also build professional content for others.

I will not talk in this content about the advantages of scarlett set devices against Presonus devices.

both are technologies from two giant companies with interest and audience for each of them.

but I will try in this novel to explain some of the details that distinguish scarlett set accessories.

and I will talk a little about the quality of manufacture. and what are the advantages.

that will make buying this package a deal Good for everyone who loves to create content. whether it is music or software.


Scarlett set 2i2 Amazon package

Dealing with Amazon products means international confidence in the purchase of human supplies.

and this is what distinguishes this giant American company.

For instance , when you buy a scarlett set. you will get headphones with comfortable and guaranteed design materials.

and you will get a Scarlett sound box.

as well as a condenser microphone with a high. durable and well-insulated design.

in addition to durable wired accessories.

that are not characterized by the quality of Scarlett’s manufacture in the well-known and famous!!.

You will receive a white box with an external use manual on the cover. that supports many languages.

and when you open the cover. you will find another cover well isolated from heat and humidity factors inside.

which is good packaging with a foam cover by scarlett.



As for the inside, you will find a manual for use and it is a better paper.

that you read before unpacking the equipment and starting to use.

and in terms of arranging the pieces inside the box. you will find them arranged well.

easy for you to take them out. and you will notice the scarlett sound box with a small size.

short stature, red color and attractive shape!!!.

Gently pull the box out. and at the bottom you will find a red XLR cable of a suitable length.

and you will notice how well it is manufactured when you touch it.

as you will notice how thick the insulation and moisture-resistant materials are from the outside.

The third generation scarlett set package is a package provided by Focusrite.In addition to support professional studio work.
It is suitable for beginners and professionals. It is a good purchase for anyone who wants to develop their technical level with upgradeable.
means such as Focusrite professional recording devices.



You will also notice the presence of a USB Type-c connection. which distinguishes the sound box in its third generation.

and in a different architecture from previous generations.

As for the microphone parts, you will find a dedicated holder for it.

which will enable you to determine its directions for you to connect it in a way that suits you.

You will notice when holding the headphones that they are designed with soft-touch sponge materials.

and covered with leather. which ensures that you achieve the safety of your ear when used for long periods of time.

Therefore , because it is a Headphone and you can use it on most devices. !!!.



In terms of design. scarlett set 2i2 are characterized by the presence of the company logo printed on its collar on both sides.

and in terms of audio performance. it is distinguished by revealing sensitive audio details.

that help you in mixing and mastering the music clip.

Therefore that contains large tracks professionally. due to the presence of a good audio output from scarlett set which includes 24 bits for 192 kHz.

The microphone has a wonderful and very attractive design.

as it has a dark black color with a red circular line at the bottom to reflect the appearance of the usual scarlett set tools.

which is the presence of the red color always in its accessories.



As for the Focusrite box. scarlett set 2i2 contains a beautiful control interface in its usual form.

which enables you to connect two AUX channels and control the Gain settings through the hardware.

as well as the distribution of audio channels from the outside.

in addition to containing the feature of doubling the performance. which reaches 48v, so it competes with the Audio box in these Properties.



  • High resolution of recording 24/192Hz.
  • High performance while amplifying the volume.
  • Well Isolated microphones in closed rooms.


  • Bad metering lights.
  • Unremovable headphone cable.
Check Amazon Prices.



  • We cannot say that the scarlett set’s defects will hinder you from buying it.
  • as it varies from person to person, and I can say that it is not defects.
  • but rather a difference in opinions and tastes between users of content production extensions.
  • The scarlett set provided you with high recording quality and high performance.
  • as it provided you with a beautiful Glossy interface with an aluminum cover.
  • which in turn gives a wonderful aesthetic while placing it on the desk.


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