Mendini mv300 violin : full review

Mendini mv300 violin : full review

There are many types of violin on the market but I will talk about Mendini mv300 violin because it is one of the Amazon choice list and since it has been admired by many talented musicians then it is worth giving a comprehensive review of this violin.

First of all, and before showing the product, if you do not have experience in the field of music, I advise you to read other articles.

The violin is the mainstay of the orchestra and is second only to the piano It is characterized by accompaniment of the symphony from beginning to end, and is often relied upon to assist other musical instruments on the stage.

The violin is considered a basic instrument, and many types of this instrument are incorporated due to its distinctive sound, which provides an artistic and academic sense in ancient and famous symphonies and If you are a fan of this machine, we will explain about the Mendini mv300 violin machine, which is available at affordable prices for everyone.


What is violin?

If you watch the violin playing solo or in an orchestra, then you know its contents at first sight. The violin is a stringed instrument consisting of up to four strings and is widely used in classical music. Building classical music without a piano and violin at the same time.

The violin is played by means of a stick made of strings, and in some types of strings you will find some types of leather and strings that are originally from nature sources such as animals, tree wood and strings.

There are basic components in the shape of the presence of the violin, which are:

  • front face.
  • The keys.
  • Chest and neck.
  • violin tail.
  • Audio output holes.
  • Screws.
  • The comb.

There are some detailed contents that were not mentioned, but these are the basic components of the violin, and when friction occurs between the comb stick and the strings, this will result in sharp and dark sounds based on the geometry of the left hand.

Violins are among the most difficult playing instruments, and they require great skill and patience during the correct learning efforts And if you are a fan of this machine and would like to buy one to start learning, we will offer you Mendini mv300 violin, which is suitable for experts and beginners at the same time.


Mendini mv300 violin

What distinguishes mendini mv300 is the very cheap price that suits all buyers and even amateurs, and the most important accessories that come with it are the playing bow and a custom bag from cecilio.

The mv300 violin also contains a shoulder rest, which enables many to play smoothly and comfortably for the shoulder.

One advantage of the MV300 Violin is that it is a beginner-oriented instrument, which means it has been designed to suit both amateur and novice violinists.

The mv300 violin allows you to perform many famous playing pieces, and the first advantage that you will get when you buy this violin is the advantage of the very cheap price. where you will be able to buy up to an amount not exceeding 70 dollars in exchange for a fairly good sound quality.

Also Mendini mv300 has been built in a traditional way and is similar to the expensive brands and the reviews on this violin have amazed me for getting a classic instrument at such a cheap price.

And when you play the mendini mv300 you will find that all the strings are tuned to make you feel like you are playing an expensive instrument and perhaps this is what makes it a successful purchase.

Brand name mendini mv300 Model B00EOYKGH0
Weight 2.3 kg Dimensions 32x12x5
Included Bettery YES Back material Maple design
Release Date August, 2013
See Full Specs


  • High Quality Material.
  • Included all accessories.
  • Cheapest violin price on Amazon VS Good material.
  • Fit for Beginners.
  • Different set of strings.


  • Daddario’s set is not almost realistic.
  • There are no materials that distinguish this machine
See Amazon Prices.



Why strings generally important ?

The term strings means a group of violin instruments united together to form multiple beautiful stringed sounds, and the more the numbers of violins are many, the more beautiful and powerful melodies are produced, and the reason for this is that these strings are considered the masters in the classical music scene.

You may find some new tunes that contain strings despite the equipment and tools that are completely different from the previous one, but you should have known that some modern distribution machines and workstation equipment contain real strings sounds that play the role of theater effectively and well, which gives the piece a high prestige in performance.

What distinguishes violins is that the type of each string is different in texture and sound from others, and the reason for this is due to the quality of the violins used because it will lead to a unique material in all cases.

There are many types of strings known and popular today, namely:

  • Amati family.
  • Stradivari family.
  • Guarneri family.
  • Pizzicato.
  • Sordino.

Where each to a specific function is attached to the melodies of the orchestra. For example, if we mention the pizzicato, it will work in free and dedicated times without highlighting everyone’s instruments.

The truth of those names was reached in the seventeenth century and has different characteristics and raw materials that were popularized in the old symphonies that Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin and other famous and well-known list of celebrities worked on.



  • Violins are essential instruments in all classical music and are indispensable.
  • Mendini mv300 violin is an inexpensive and widely available musical instrument in the US and UK markets and is a well-rounded educational tool.
  • The Mendini mv300 violin machine is a machine specially designed to support beginners and it is inexpensive compared to other luxury brands.
  • There are many types of strings instruments, and each has its own indispensable use.
  • Amazon products are delivered according to the prescribed period for your country of residence.



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