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UMC404 Professional Audio box 192 kHz

UMC404 Professional Audio box 192 kHz

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Brand Name: GOOERMI

Origin: Mainland China

Type: Recording Kits

Model Number: UMC404


Glance About UMC404

The UMC404 sound card is a versatile audio interface designed to meet the demands of musicians, producers, and audio enthusiasts.

Developed by Behringer, a renowned audio equipment manufacturer, the UMC404 offers a range of features that make it a valuable tool in recording and music production setups.

Featuring four inputs and four outputs, the UMC404 allows for simultaneous recording of multiple instruments or microphones.

This makes it an ideal choice for band recordings, podcasting, or any situation where multiple audio sources need to be captured independently.

The XENYX preamps integrated into the UMC404 ensure high-quality, low-noise microphone preamplification, preserving the integrity of your audio signals.

One notable feature of the UMC404 is its USB connectivity, enabling seamless integration with computers and digital audio workstations (DAWs).

This makes it easy to connect the sound card to your preferred recording software, allowing for a streamlined and efficient recording process.

The UMC404 also provides MIDI connectivity, allowing you to interface with MIDI controllers, synthesizers, and other MIDI-compatible devices.

This adds a layer of versatility for musicians and producers who want to incorporate electronic instruments or control other MIDI-equipped hardware in their setups.

Furthermore, the UMC404 is known for its rugged construction and reliability, making it suitable for both studio and on-the-go recording.

The compact design makes it convenient for portable setups or situations where space is limited.

In summary, the UMC404 sound card by Behringer combines functionality, connectivity, and durability, making it a valuable tool for audio professionals and enthusiasts alike, whether they are recording in a studio or working on music production projects on the go.


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Lura Eichmann

Everything arrived right, and it was very fast, it took a while because of customs inspection, I was taxed in 145 more it was worth it. I recommend it. Impeccable quality

Maurice Beatty

Arrived is all right

Delta Bailey

Everything agrees

Lori Swaniawski

First quality product. Great packaging. I have already tested and it is perfect

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