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TEYUN 48KHz Audio Interface Phone PC Recording

TEYUN 48KHz Audio Interface Phone PC Recording

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Brand Name: TEYUN

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Type: Mixers

Model Number: Q16



FREEBOSS 48KHz Audio Interface Phone PC Recording Hi-z Guitar Echo 48V 2 Channel External Studio Sound Card for Game Podcast Q16

1. Selling Point

    (1)  16Bit 48KHz for recording

    (2)  Mobile record and play

    (3)  HI-Z button for guitar

    (4)  EFF reverb effect

    (5)  +48V Phantom Power

    (6)  PC record and play

2. 16Bit 48KHz for Recording

3. Power Supply

(1) Working Power: DC 5V

     A) Power adapter

     B) Computer supply power

     C) Power bank supply power

     D) Mobile phone supply power

Please note:

     Not all mobile phones can supply power.

4. HI-Z Button for Guitar

Please note:

     HI-Z button only for the 6.3 jack of channel 1.

5. EFF Reverb Effect

     The effect only for channel signal, not for other input signal.

6. PC Record & Play

(1) When you connect computer to play or record, please switch to PC and use type-C interface.

Please note:

     If you use type-A to connect to computer, the sound will be small, and when you increase the sound, it will change the sound.

(2) When you want to record the signal of channel and PC music, please turn on "REC PC". Otherwise, you can only record the channel signal.

7. Mobile Record & Play

     (1) When you connect mobile phone to play or record, please switch to MOBILE and use type-A interface.

Please note:

     If you use type-C to connect to mobile phone, it will make noise.

Please note:

     1) The signal light is useless mark. Only for beauty.

     2) The  GAIN knob is channel volume knob.

8. +48V Phantom Power

(1) Protective film on the display:

     There is a protective film on the display to prevent the display from being scratched. If the protective film is not clear, you can tear off the protective film.

(2) Condenser Microphone

     If your microphone is +48V condenser microphone, please connect it to mixer via XLR cable, and power on +48V phantom power.

(3) Dynamic Microphone

     when you connect dynamic microphone to audio mixer with XLR cable, please do not power on +48V phantom power.

Please note:

     For this model, it dose not support non-48V condenser microphone. (such as 3.5mm plug condenser computer microphone)

9. Volume adjust

10. 3.5 TRS Output

11. Product Size

12. Product List

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