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Professional Audio Mixer 8-Channel

Professional Audio Mixer 8-Channel

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Brand Name: other

Type: Mixers

Origin: Mainland China

Choice: yes


• 8-Channel Sound Mixing Console :Mix and blend up to 8 audio channels with ease, creating a professional-sounding mix.

• Bluetooth and USB Connectivity :Connect your devices wirelessly via Bluetooth or plug in via USB for versatile recording and playback options.

• 48V Power Interface :The 48V power interface ensures stable and reliable performance, making it perfect for professional use.

• Karaoke Party Recording :Record and mix your karaoke party tracks with ease, making it a fun and interactive experience for all.

Professional Audio Mixer 8-Channel Sound Mixing Console A8 Support Bluetooth USB 48V Power Interface

Type: 8-Channel Mixer

Model: A8

Material: ABS + metal

Bluetooth: v5.0

Mic Effect: 24 Special Types

Microphone: 48V / 3V / Dynamic Coil

Support: 6 microphone or 2 line inputs

Support: Phone/ Computer/ Musical instrument/ Amplifier

● Built-in 48V phantom power for stable power supply of capacitor microphones / wired mic.

● Portable and light-weight, can be operated by connecting the computer with USB for power supply.

● Analog mixer is used in conjunction with a digital sound card.

● Flexible Loopback function ideal for recording and webcasting.

● High-resolution, dual-track recording and playback.

● Individual gain, low, high, AUX controls, more professional.

● Can connect a variety of audio devices, wide range of applications

● Supports Bluetooth devices such as Phone/ Computer/ Tablet, easy to accesses for 8-10m.


The Photos was been shoot based on real products and a professional camera, due to the light and the screen display being different, there will be a certain color, which can not be avoided, it is not a quality problem.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Heath Krajcik

Arrived 12 days before the scheduled day, the box somewhat crushed, but in good condition, includes its charger. Is the same as the description, just need to prove. Recommended store.

Leann Weimann

Very good console.
But the wrong connector.
They sent me American and non-European type power connector as I requested.

Geoffrey Spinka

Good, Bad and Ugly.
The Good: Mic preamps on Channels 1 thru 6 are nuce and clean. They probably won't have enough gain for something like an SM7B, but for your standard dynamic, they do just fine. Phantom power is right about 47 volts. This will actually support five condenser mics if you have condensers in Channels 1-4, and a lavalier or headset mic in channel 5.
The Bad: There is no stereo anything about this mixer. Only thing you can get through it is channel 7/8 passed to the main out. I'll cover channel 7/8 in the Ugly. Phantom power sags to 33v with four condensers plugged into channels 1-4.
The Ugly: Channel 7/8 cannot be passed to the USB audio output. Channel 7/8 is way to hot, and will clip with the gain and volume set to zero and a line level input. There is no way to get Channel 7/8 to sound even halfway decent with being distorted and clipped. If you have any need to run a stereo signal into this mixer and record it through the audio interface it simply can't be done.

Fay Bergstrom


Herminio Beer

Arrived right, only with a small dulling in the box, superficial, well packed, arrived fast, very beautiful product, I only did the test to connect, and it seems that it is working, just need to connect him with equipment... I liked the product, very good cost and benefit

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