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Professional 24Bit 192KHz Audio Interface

Professional 24Bit 192KHz Audio Interface

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  • Brand Name: FREEBOSS.
  • Origin: Mainland China.
  • Type: Mixers.
  • Model Number: Q24.
  • Power Source1: USB 2.0 Computer Power Supply.
  • Power Source 2: DC 5V.
  • Application: Mobile phone/Computer/PC/Stage/Electric Guitar.
  • Type: Portable.
  • Sampling Frequency/Recording Parameters: 24 Bit 192KHz.
  • Phantom Power: +48V.
  • Output: 6.3 TRS main out/ headphone out.
  • HI-Z Button: Guitar Input.
  • Channel: 2 Microphone inputs.


Selling Point:
   1. Power source:

      1) USB 2.0 computer power supply

      2) DC 5V power supply

   2. 24 Bit 192KHz recording bit rate

   3. INPUT-MIX-DAW Control knob

   4. Mono button: Switch between mono and stereo

   5. HI-Z button

   6. RCA stereo input and output

   7. +48V phantom power

   8. LOOPBACK button: When recording on a computer, you can record only the sound of the microphone without recording the accompaniment.

   9. 6.3 TRS main output and headphone output

NoteThe details are described at the end

LOOPBACK button 】Suitable for computer recording

1. Unpressed state :Only record the sound from the microphone.

2. Pressed state: You can record sound from microphone, RCA input and computer input.

MONO button 】switch between mono and stereo

1. Unpressed state:It is a stereo status, it means that the right and left output signals are difference.

2. Pressed state:It is a mono status, it means that the right and left output signals are the same.

HI-Z button】Suitable for high impedance instrument inputs

When connect to guitar, please use the 6.3 jack and press down" HI-Z" button.

48V phantom power】Only for 48V condenser microphone and XLR jack.

1. When you use 48V condenser microphone, please use XLR jack and press down "+48V POWER" button on the rear panel.

2. When you use dynamic microphone, please do not press down "+48V POWER".

Power supply】DC 5V

1. Computer

2. Adapter

Note:In the package,there is one piece USB cable for PC power supply and signals' transmission, the adapter is not included in the package.

Customer Reviews

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Randy Feil

Card by appearance and weight, like a radio from truckers)
Connected the dynamic microphone, the amplification is normal, without any preamps. and the sound is cleaner than the USB input of the microphone.

Beaulah Effertz

Good and high quality audio interface. For a small studio-a great option in terms of price/quality ratio.

Elinor Schultz

Exelente what was published

Ray Weber

Very fast shipping, excellent appearance, metal box, knobs with rubber coating, independent power to use with smartphone, the SO (in my case Linux) detects it at first, appears as HD-II, however, must improve the gain of previous microphone, although enough, it can be improved, An excellent purchase value for money.

Sally Leannon

As seen in the promotion, I have not tested it yet, but it looks good quality, arrived in good condition👌

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