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Nku Hifi DAC Amp Digital To Analog Audio Converter

Nku Hifi DAC Amp Digital To Analog Audio Converter

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  • Brand Name: nku.
  • Origin: Mainland China.
  • External Power Source: Yes.
  • Gender: Female-Female.
  • Connector A: Optical Interface.
  • Connector A: Coaxial.
  • Connector B: Optical Interface.
  • Connector B: Coaxial.
  • Connector B: Aux.
  • Connector B: RCA.
  • Certification: CE.
  • Certification: FCC.
  • Certification: RoHS.
  • Type: DAC.


Hi-Fi DAC Amp Digital To Analog Audio Converter RCA 3.5mm Jack Headphone Amplifier with Toslink Optical Coaxial

1.【Digital Analog Converter】

This DAC Converter Converts Coaxial or Toslink Digital Audio Signals to Analog L/R Audio and Can Be Connected to External Devices Such as Amplifiers via a Standard RCA-Type Jack, You Can Also Choose 3.5mm Headphone Jack Output, Connect High-Fidelity Headphones, It's Ideal for Home or Professional Audio Switching.

2.【Bidirectional Switch】

Bidirectional Switch Design Makes It More Than a DAC Converter, Not only Supports Digital to Analog, Also Supports Digital to Digital (Support Toslink to Coaxial and Coaxial to Toslink)

PLEASE NOTE: This Converter Supports Digital to Analog BUT NOT Support Analog to Digital.

3.【Supports Volume Adjustment】

Built-in High-fidelity Amplifier Chips, L/R and 3.5mm Output Can Drive 16~150ohm Impedance Headphone/Sound.

Supports Volume Control, Volume Control Knob Just for Adjusting the Volume of the Headphone Interface and RCA Interface, Not for Coaxial or Toslink.

4.【Plug and Play】

Comes with 4.0 OD Optical Cable, Coaxial Cable and Power Adapter, No Need to Install Extra Programs, Just Plug and Play(Note: This Converter Doesn't Support 5.1 Channel Such as Dolby and DTS; Please Set the Audio Output to PCM or LPCM Before Using; PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim Can't Use This Converter).

5.【192KHz Sampling Rate Achieved】

With Volume Knob, You Can Adjust the Volume of RCA L/R + 3.5mm Jack Audio Output, Convenient to Use (Note: CANNOT Control the Toslink or Coaxial Audio Output).

It Actually Supports Sampling Rate at 32, 44.1, 48, 96 and 192 KHz, and 24-Bit S/PDIF Incoming Bit Stream on Left and Right Channels.

Type: Audio Adapter/Converter
Material: Aluminum
Input interface: Toslink, Coaxial
Output interface: R/L RCA, Toslink, Coaxial, 3.5mm
Signal Sampling Rate: 32-192 KHz,
Bit Rate: 16-24 Bit
Output Impedance: 16-300 ohm
Working Voltage: 5V

Package List:
1 x Digital to Analog R/L Audio Converter
1 x DC USB Power Cable
1 x Toslink cable
1 x User manual

1. There is a power switch on the volume knob, please turn on the power switch before using the DAC.
2. Please set the Audio Output to the PCM/LPCM Format.
3. For Samsung TV, if there is no sound even you set the audio output to the PCM/LPCM format, please turn ON the TV external speakers (Menus-Sounds- Speaker Setup- HESB/external speaker-ON)
4. This converter doesn't Support 5.1 Channel Such As Dolby and DTS.
5. PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim CANNOT use this converter as they haven't Optical fiber output interface.

How to Connect?

(1) Plug in the included USB cable to USB power adapter(NOT included).


(2) Connect an optical digital audio cable from the TVs optical out port to this converter.


(3)then plug in receiver/amplifier/headphone to the RCA ports on this converter.(RCA cable not included)

Please set your TV audio output to PCM / LPCM.


When using a DAC to connect a TV device, it is necessary to set the device's output format to either PCM (Pulse-Code Modulation) or LPCM (Linear Pulse-Code Modulation) in order to achieve optimal audio quality.



If it is a LG TV, Go to Home page -> system settings -> picture and sound -> voice settings -> digital audio output -> PCM / LPCM.

If it is a Panasonic TV, set the TV's audio output to SPDIF output.

If it is a Samsung TV, switch on your external speakers: menu -> sound -> speaker setup -> external speakers -> on.

Important Notes:
1. Light reflection and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing.

The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.




3. This adapter is NOT COMPATIBLE with 5.1 channel signal such as Dolby AC3.


No audio output:

(1) Check connections and ensure that the devices are properly connected to the DAC.


(2) Ensure that the audio source is turned on and playing.


(3) Check the audio settings on the source device to make sure that the audio output is set to the DAC.

Poor audio quality:

(1) Check the audio cable connections and replace if necessary.


(2) Ensure that the audio source is set to the correct audio format (PCM or LPCM).


(3) Check the audio settings on the source device to make sure that the correct audio output format is selected.


(4) Make sure that the sample rate on the source device matches the sample rate of the DAC.


(5) Move any electronic devices that may be causing interference away from the DAC and audio cables.

Volume issues:

(1) Make sure that the volume on the source device is turned up.

(2) Check the audio settings on the source device to ensure that the audio output is set to the DAC.

(3) Make sure that the audio source is set to the correct audio format (PCM or LPCM).

(4) Make sure that the audio cable is securely connected to the DAC and the source device.

Incompatibility with TV remote control:

(1) The volume control on the TV remote control may not work with the DAC, in which case an external volume control may need to be used.

(2) Check the audio settings on the TV to ensure that the audio output is set to the DAC.

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