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M-vave Cube BABY Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar

M-vave Cube BABY Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar

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Brand Name: M-VAVE

Origin: Mainland China

Plug Type: none

Model Number: cube baby

Type: Effects

Color: black/yellow/blue

Type: Multi Effect Pedal

IR cabinet simulation: 8

black one suit for: electric guitar

yellow one suit for: electric acoustic guitar

blue one suit for: electric bass


Note: only the black one can update the firmware now. please do not update the yellow and blue one.

Note :the only difference of Cuvave and m-vave is just the logo. they are totally the same pedal.

Black color one suit for electric guitar.
Yellow color one suit for electric acoustic guitar.
Blue color one suit for electric bass.

Package included:
1* Multi Effect Pedal
1* Charging Cable
1* Internal Cable

this one is for electric bass

this one is for electric acoustic guitar

this one is for electric guitar

M-vave Tank-G Rechargeable Multi Effects Pedal 36 Presets,9 Preamp Slot,3-Band EQ,8 IR Cab Slot,3 Modulation/Delay/Reverb Effect

• TANK-G is a portable and multifunctional guitar effector.

• Built in rechargeable battery.

• 36 editable Presets inside, user can customize effectors chain then save it.

•I Equipped with Noise Gate,9 Preamp selection slots, 3-band EQ,3 Modulations, 3 Delay,3 Reverb, 8 IR CAB slots and a Tuner.

•I User can download the computer software or APP from our official website, then use them to edit presets, exchange presets, share presets, import/export presets, import IR file, restore the factory Settings and customize the color that each preset footswitch-light displays.

•I Support mobile phone recording, wireless connection, earphone monitoring, XLR balanced output, and can be used as computer sound card.

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