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LY-ROCK Bass Guitar Pedal Simulation

LY-ROCK Bass Guitar Pedal Simulation

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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Origin: Mainland China

Plug Type: none

Model Number: LY-ROCK Bass Guitar Pedal

Type: Effects


Can be used to replace for DSM & Humboldt Simplfier,This device knows that everyone should know! ! !

She has DI function. Cabinet simulation function. Microphone placement position. Cabinet material adjustment. Preamplifier function with three-stage equalization. Audio input function. Headphone output function. Dry and wet signal output function. Dry and wet signal loop function And so on the integrated bass audio workstation,

With this equipment, the brothers are easily competent whether they enter the sound card recording or enter the sound stage to perform, or improve the tone and dynamics of our bass! ! ! !

Okay, let's not talk more nonsense. Let's introduce the function of this device and its characteristics

First of all, the IUPUT of our device is divided into active pickup and passive pickup. There is a shift underneath that can be switched.

Then the OUT output section is 6.35 and DI OUT wet signal output and DI PARALLEL dry signal output. These two signals are very important when recording.

The 6.35 output is the mixing ratio output (the mixing ratio here is the dry and wet signal). There is a shift below 6.35 to switch through or enter our output. To put it bluntly, it is a By-pass.

Then the PREAMP/BLEND knob of the panel part is a control of the mixing ratio of the dry signal and the input signal.

When it is turned on to the minimum, it is the dry signal, and when it is turned on, it is the wet signal.

As for the preamplifier part, I won't say much, volume gain, intermediate frequency, low frequency, and high frequency. Here, the three equalizers are increased by 15DB and attenuated by 15DB.

There is a frequency band selection on the IF. They are 400HZ 900HZ 1.5KHZ, but the IF knob cannot reach 0DB.

Then talk about the function of the cabinet, microphone and material

The CABSIM BLEND knob on the panel is the mixing ratio control of the cabinet part and the part that does not pass through the cabinet simulation.

When the knob is set to the minimum, the signal does not pass through the cabinet simulation, but when it reaches the maximum, it passes through the cabinet simulation.

Then the cabinet parts are 4x10 1x15 8x10 options

CAB SIZE The material of the knob cabinet is the tone from transparent to warm

Then speaker COLOR is the microphone placement position. The dial under this knob is to select the characteristics of the tone.

As for the loops are divided into dry signal and wet signal loops, PARALLEL FX is the dry signal loop, PREAMP is the wet signal loop.

In short, this device has a lot of usage and needs brothers to research and innovate.

All equipment in the studio is bare and handmade. Perfectionists don't order! ! ! ! !

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