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Douk Audio U3 Mini Pure Class A Headphone

Douk Audio U3 Mini Pure Class A Headphone

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Brand Name: Douk Audio


Built-in Battery: No

Recommended Headphone Maximum Impedance: 501-600 Ohm

Input Type: RCA

Origin: Mainland China

DSD (Direct Stream Digital): No

Body Material: Metal

Channels: 2 (2.0)

Output Power: 1300mW

Operational Amplifier Chips Model: NE5532

Bluetooth: No

Type: Mini Amplifier

Model Number: U3

Package: YES

Certification: CE

Choice: yes



Helpful suggestions:
The package does not include a power adapter. It is advisable to use an original, high-quality power adapter with a rating of at least 5W.
For instance, if using a DC 5V power supply, ensure the current is above 1A, and for a DC 12V power adapter, a current above 0.5A is recommended.

Featuring an innovative circuit design and a wide input working voltage range of DC 5-20V, this amplifier circuit consistently operates at a high voltage of 26V, delivering an excellent background noise index.
It offers a broad frequency response extension, outstanding transient response, impeccable purity and transparency, along with a commendable dynamic range.

Utilizing the original TI-NE5532 classical op amp and a transistor expanding current circuit, this design incorporates a 1300mA large current output transistor working in class A status, resulting in ultra-low distortion and a sound that is warm, delicate, full, and mellow.

The pluggable op amp socket design adds convenience, allowing for easy upgrades with different op amps, providing a source of DIY enjoyment and enhanced playability for audiophiles.
The sound produced is smooth and mellow, making it suitable for a diverse range of music genres, including vocals, string music, classic, pop, and rock, each with its unique charm.

Despite its mini size and exquisite appearance, this amplifier is highly cost-effective and brings a pleasant surprise to audiophiles.
It effortlessly drives most headphones available in the market, offering increased power, an enhanced sound field, and intricate details, making it particularly well-suited for home or office desktop audio system use.

With robust drive power, it easily handles most high-impedance headphones, including:


Packing List
  • 1*U3 Headphone Amplifier
  • 1*USB to DC Cable
  • 1*6.35mm to 3.5mm Headphone Adapter

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Alf Hilll

God in person came to us mere mortals to give us this little piece of heaven.
Absolutely amazing for the price.

Nichole Rosenbaum

This amp is great, impressive, clear and powerful sound, used with the beyerdynamic Tygr 300r.

Jailyn Hane

The very ones that I want them to do it!

Selina Schmeler

Quality construction.

Heloise Fahey

Fast delivery. Excellent quality for a reasonable price. I use 20 V charging from the phone. The seller thanks. Definitely recommend.

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