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Music Production

Music Production Software to be a set of editors and tools that enable us to produce and prepare musical tunes.

It differs in versions. Most of them are dedicated to specific audio hardware. For instance, we consider studio one of the compatible tools with the Presonus sound card.

The old versions of the songs and clips lacked many features. In addition to working on natural tools as they are and before the release of computers.

Imagine that 4 recording tracks were enough to produce a song without any sound effects. The lack of recording was filled with echoes and reverb only!.

Music Production Software is one of the tools that has undergone continuous development by programmers. It may have taken months and years to find what it is now.

Music Production Software


Audio software is one of the most important music developments in our life. It thus provides us with a wide range of famous melodies that we do not forget.

Music Production Software has undergone many improvements and developments. The developers have taken more than tens of years to produce it.

The instruments you find in music programs are mostly real instruments. Which means their sounds were pulled from natural instruments such as woodwinds, piano or guitar.

Which means when you deal with it. you will find that your computer is a treasure of machines that sometimes we do not find easily in the market.

Digital music was the ideal solution to keep pace with the development wheel of musicians. For instance , Bashunter and Alan Walker are among the most famous professional engineers in music production, and many more.

How To Begin?


You should know that the piano is fundamental to almost all the melodies. Try to preserve it in your recordings to preserve the classic flavor in our melodies.

When you open the audio editor on your computer. The first thing you will do is record a simple loop with a piano machine. Then try inserting the bass after the first barrel.

The intro is always the title of fame in the recordings. Without a good offer, your clips will not spread in the market.

Professionals usually start by recording the idea of ​​the melody. which begins with a piano.

And in case you don’t want to show it on the master track. You can turn it down a bit and you’ll notice the horrible effect it will have on the performance.

We as amateur musicians do not like imitation. Try not to imitate the rest while recording the melodies. Create your own character and don’t listen to everyone who wants to frustrate you.

Music recording is a beautiful world. Especially when you’re in the studio alone for more than hours trying to get the great ideas.


Studio One


We consider Studio one to be one of the most powerful Music Production Software. It was produced by Presonus and by Jim Odom and Brian Smith.

Studio one is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. It provides you with an unlimited number of recording paths. Receiver with stereo ports.

It also allows you to work with 3dParty plugins. Which means more freedom to find tunes from outside this company.

For beginners , It’s easy to work with an editor that’s clear to look at and black in the recording space. In addition you can record powerful melodies if you are a good sound engineer.

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Pro Tools


When looking at delivery speed, Pro tools do just that. This software has a great history in the audio world, with the release of the first version of Avid in 1989.

This brings you many additional advantages and features. It is in turn one of the best Music production software due to the export of the highest format in sound quality.

Although Evan Brooks also produces high-quality video editors. Hence, it has taken a special interest in keeping its Pro tools up-to-date.

The pro tools are based on Digital Signal Processors technology. Where you will be able to have a single processing for every single soundtrack including effects.

In addition to the possibility of recording a large number of tracks while maintaining the performance of the equipment. The higher the capabilities of computers, the higher the performance with them.

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Acid Music Studio


It is music production software provided by Sony Corporation. It features a cheap price and powerful capabilities for music producers.

The main thing about this product is the free accessories and internal bundles. For example, it includes loops with a large number that you can combine into your recorded track.

Music studio supports remixing features. It is mainly configured for this type of work. It also includes many of the popular sound effects in the world of audio engineering.

This tool features great technical support from Magix. User inquiries are assisted within 24 hours only. For instance ,It can be considered as a secondary or even primary program during the production of audio clips.

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Fl Studio


This tool has become very popular as the best music production software. And it really is for many.

It is developed by the Belgian company image-line and was previously known as fruity loops. For instance, it includes a lot of loops that add character to your recordings.

Fl studio comes with an easy working interface and a powerful editor. It also helps you organize your recording tracks smoothly and substantially.

The platform of any music developer is not without this product. It enjoys great support from the parent company, in addition to making the trial version available for a long time sometimes without shutting down.

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Steinberg Cubase 11


Steinberg Cubase is one of the Music Production Software. Which gives you an affordable option compared to other audio editors.

This product was subject to a lot of confidence when it was first released in 1989 by Atari ST. It is considered a superior program in multi-track playback.

The reason for this is its technology which is built in a powerful and basic programming language. He won many awards, including the DJ Award.

Steinberg has a DAW property. The export of the MP4 version is accepted. In addition to the ports configured to receive the signal from MIDI devices.

It also features many tools and plugins with a good and powerful design that catches the attention of the users. It is a good product in terms of price compared to the competitors.

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Garageband is one of the music production software. Which was produced by Apple. So he was a good supporter of their systems.

The program allows you to quickly record audio instruments. It also provides you with a smooth and efficient interface to use.

It may not be available for all operating systems and this is it’s only downside. But it performs well with Mac OS and IOS systems.

This product  offers you great possibilities and is the pride of the Mac industry. It also offers you an editor with all the details that you find in all other programs.

In addition You can record many tracks in it. You can also make a different combination of geometry for each track individually.

Sample Rate accepts 44.1 KHZ. It has an Auto tune feature to improve track performance and catch recording errors.

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SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 15


Sound Forge is a Music Production Software affiliated with Magix. This product has the feature of preservation and restoration without your intervention.

It helps you a lot in exporting professional sounds with good frequencies.In addition of Its quality often reaches 32 bits per 384 KHz.

For instance ,the Sound Forge platform has a black working interface that is comfortable to look at and its colors are aesthetically pleasing. It also gives you powerful tools for filtering and exporting an old bad sound with HD Quality.

You can record a large number of tracks. Magix also offers you a trial period in case you do not want to purchase immediately.

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Propellerhead Reason


Reason is one of the Music Production Software that suits all the tasks of musicians. It combines the educational and professional character of the platform.

If you are looking for more colors and beautiful graphics while recording clips. This software may suit your needs.

Reason is similar to video editors. It differs a little from the rest of the programs and you will find that you develop with a video clip. While you are recording and merging the sounds you have recorded.

The product is available in a trial version and the possibility of activating the purchase license is available at very reasonable prices.

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80’s Recordings


The old songs lacked a weakness in the recording. although the quality of the melodies and the singers were in vogue until now.

If you listen to one of the songs of the eighties or seventies, you will find a huge void at the height of singing.

Michael Jackson – Billie Jean’s song, although it is old, has been very popular.

If you focus on the number of tracks recorded in it. You will find that it does not only exceed more than 10 tracks. Perhaps it was referring to a specific style of that moment.

But because the finalization and melodies came from music engineers who knew what they were making. Despite its simplicity, it stirs strong feelings within you.

The same is true when you use Music Production Software. You should make sure that the arrangement of thoughts is more important than everything, because the melodies are eternal.

Rules Before Use


In case you are a non-musical person. You may be able to use these programs to record clips for others. And you lack some necessary recording skills and mixing all the tracks.

But if you are a person who can play instruments but is not good at working on those programs. Maybe a good idea to record and develop your playing skills.

If you are an ordinary person who does not know how to play any instrument. I do not advise you to buy one of the above products. Just a free trial is enough for you.

Why Piano skills?


Music in general is not subject to specific and exclusive skills. But when working on computer instruments, you will need dedicated Midi instruments that have piano keys.

People with academic experience in this field will be able to produce high quality parts. Especially those academics.

For instance, when you are working on a recording program and you are a good student in the classical schools. You will be able to produce old orchestral tunes or the tunes of famous people like Mozart and Beethoven.

And in case you have old experience in reading music. You will be able to produce a sonata, for example, that will really amaze you, or a symphony that may take you back to the Middle Ages!



  • The previous products have been known for years.
  • You can learn more about it through the explanations on the web.
  • It requires you to have good playing skills before purchasing.



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