Microphones and speakers : top rated

Microphones and speakers

Microphones and speakers are one of the most important parts you may need for recording and listening.

In addition There have been many means that enable us to record. publish and listen to music clips, and it is a physical development.

that led to improvement after improvement in these tools. Which led to the manufacture of the best that can be presented to the buyer.

In this article, I will present the best microphones and speakers presented by PreSonus. whose products I have loved since ancient times.

However , the best PreSonus products have an official character in the way of design and manufacturing. which often likes those who are looking for high quality at a reasonable price.

as most of the products of this company are designed with a unique professional character. that enables you to return to buy its products again.

PreSonus Eris E3.5-3.5 Home Studio Monitors

Buying microphones and speakers is not just about the manufacturer but the quality of the product. which is really worth buying or not. Eris Monitor is one of the best PreSonus manufacturers for the home studio.

You may be frustrated when you find them at this small size. but you will be amazed at their ability and each speaker includes a left and right two channel cable.

 as well as an Acoustic Tuning control panel on the back to help you tune in bass and treble at 6db absolute value.


However ,it also contains an RCA cable to connect the speaker directly to your computer as well as a vibration. and 3.5 millimeter cable to help you connect your mobile phone.You can also use a quarter inch balanced cable. 

but you may need to purchase this cable as it is not in the Box anyway.In terms of sound and nature. 

The Eris Monitor has a one inch tweeter for each headphone that delivers high quality performance. and crystal clear sound from such small headphones .


These headphones are a miniature version of Eris 4.5 to be listed under the name Eris 3.5 and contain 3.5 inches woofer per speaker. and have a frequency equivalent to 80 hertz to 20 kilohertz .

Eris 3.5 has front AUX ports. that enables you to connect your phone directly with a front main volume wheel for volume control. and a main power button for the power supply.

Tuning Panel

What distinguishes Eris is that the left speaker has an Acoustic tuning panel. and system separate from the right speaker.

 Which means custom tuning and sound adjustment while recording tracks.


Eris 3.5 has been developed and is a compact and well performing speaker from PreSonus. In terms of materials,In addition  the Eris 3.5 has a solid plastic front cover.
MDF wood case and metal mesh cover for both tweeter and woofer for each speaker.

Inputs Stereo 1/8 / balanced TRS/RCA Frequency 80 Hz – 20 kHz
Power 100-120V -50 Model Eris E3.5
Width 5.6″ Depth 6.4″
Height 8.3″ See Full Specifications


  • Extra low end speaker.
  • Support multiple cables inputs.


  • Doesn’t contain quarter inch balanced cable
  • Good quality only for small rooms.

Bass And Treble

The bass or treble function. is a set of audio functions that apply to microphones and speakers. or other instruments and audio players.

The sound is either to raise the frequencies of these sounds or to decrease them .Gain is to raise the amount of bass and treble with their previous settings by supplying power to each of them. thus increasing the sound strength.


PreSonus PD-70 Professional Microphone

If you are looking for the best presonus products in terms of price and performance. However  PD-70 will meet your needs well.

The black PD-70 has a foam windscreen design.

that covers more than 70% of the area of ​​this mic. with a gold-plated stand adapter and some documentation. that explains its features and how to install it on your platform.


In terms of manufacturing quality, this microphone is durable and strong. as it contains reinforced plastic that is not affected by direct fall. and it is supported by metal.

In addition to the yoke mount made of metal as well.PD-70 has a black wheel with a Presonus logo that helps you install it tightly. If we look at the mic from the bottom.


For instance, there is an XLR installation port through which the mic

is connected to the audio device you want to work on.

PD-70 also has a cardioid polar pattern with frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz with -56 db and 350 ohms.

and in terms of motion it has off axis rejection and coloration, providing great sound quality for beginners and professionals at the same time.


PD-70 is a Y-type microphone produced by Presonus. to serve many broadcast enthusiasts or those who want high quality Vocal production. as this microphone competes with many other types due to its advantages.

Model PD-70 Frequency 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Polar Pattern Cardioid Output 350 ohms
foam windscreen YES Connectivity XLR cable
Color Black See Full Tech Specifications


  • Quality of life.
  • Containing Foam windscreen.
  • Great plosive rejection job.


  • Bad rejecting bumbs on its self.


More info

Above all The best distinguishing feature of the microphones and speakers at Presonus is their good performance. as this company amazed me in presenting its products in this way.

perhaps due to the use of some of its products for a long time and the confidence in the durability of its design.

However , The disadvantage of this company is some high prices. which may not suit everyone.but it offers the user a unique experience of a special nature and multiple advantages. that he may not find in any other products of competitors.

In addition to that , Presonus fierce competition has been shown by offering a complete package of parts and equipment. including microphones and speakers inside.

However , If you want to buy a full package from Presonus. This is a good option to save money while setting up your first platform.

Also Presonus offers you a good package at a very cheap price that includes two Eris E3.5 headphones with Lux pro microphone.

For instance, there are  a set of Software plugins and a number of installation accessories such as XLR and MIDI connectors.Lux Stand and installation and use guide that will probably help you to get a modest studio that I recommend to buy for beginners.


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