kronos keyboard : does it worth?

kronos keyboard

kronos keyboard was made by Korg Company to keep pace with the development. that music production has reached now simply It is a workstation machine.

It is considered an all-in-one solution among any other musical instrument. and It was specifically designed for the music production studio. which you will rely on a lot in this matter.

Many improvements have been made in this machine. which has outperformed the Korg pa4x in terms of performance. design and sound quality and we will mention many advantages that have been added to this machine.

Keys & Features

  • What Korg Kronos is?
  • Independent sound engine.
  • Why Kronos.
  • Updates.
  • Summary.


kronos keyboard 88-key Synthesizer Workstation

This machine consists of 9 powerful sound engines. that work together to achieve high quality mixes.

n addition to the presence of a real sound engine. that gives many powerful features
during recording and with 32 track sequencer. you will be able to prepare a music clip and distribute the tracks correctly In addition.

t contains all the advantages of a sampler with multi-sampling technology. to enable you to layer split and play more than 16 sounds. at the same time that are stored
in the SSD memory.

and perhaps this is the secret of the superiority of this machine.Although many modifications were made to all versions of Korg. the kronos keyboard has preserved all its old data without any deletion or update on this old machine 10 years ago.

When I talk about the power of the kronos keyboard. I’m talking about the power of the features this machine can do and that’s exactly what the word All-in-one solution means.

Perhaps this machine is old in the date of manufacture. but it is not so in technical matters.

and after making a lot of updates on it. these updates were run with all the strength.

and advantages of Kronos and not like other devices.

which may have poor performance during the updates. and may need to replace some pieces of equipment.

Independent sound engine

Nine independent sound engine is the only tool. that will provide you with one sound with 9 independent characteristics. that provide you with real and not virtual sound like those found in many competing instruments. most of which do not contain only 2 or 3 sound drivers.

This keyboard contains unlimited polyphony that exceeds 128 voice polyphony. to enable you to mix the sounds however you want and eliminate barriers.

but this requires a professional in sound engineering, and if you also get what you want.

There are many engines but you will find in kronos keyboard AWM II engine which will provide you Strings sounds.

Piano’s sounds. Brass sounds and Drums sounds with an infinite variety in addition it owns Yamaha Montage Engine which works with this machine in full track compatibility.

and also contains the rd2000 Engine for Roland that will enable you to enjoy all the features of this keyboard.


If you love to work on the Nord stage engine, you will find in this machine many awesome quality piano sounds that will lead you to play the 88 Key smoothly.

and masterfully. Another engine built into Kronos is the Roland phantom Engine.

which will provide you with many popular fantom sounds that no music recording studio can miss.

Sound Engines
  • SGX2.
  • EP1.
  • CX-3.
  • AWM II.
  • Montage Engine.
  • rd2000.
  • Nord stage.
  • Phantom Engine.
  • STR1.


Why kronos keyboard?

You can design sounds using a Plug-in. that will help you do that and this is the most important strengths. included in kronos keyboard.

and when choosing a sound and tweaking some features. you will find a dedicated software with the engine it works on.

One of the advantages. that Kronos Keyboard has is the organization while dealing with the program setting screen.

It enables you to arrange specific sounds for a specific program. and put them in a format that suits what you want to present. and this makes things easier if you want to play show.

With Kronos. you can modify the sounds in Combination mode. or in Sequencer mode without having to go to the program separately.

modify the sound and save it and then go back to the sounds and link it again. You can even modify the sounds from the main panel and make some improvements to it.




Many improvements have been made in the latest update of Kronos OS . which is the presence of meters that allow you to see audio levels and programs combination.

as well as insert effects and main output become easier than before.  Another update included the addition of the vintage effects section. to give you more than 12 Effect. to choose among them.

Above all , Many chord details that you need while playing were also added.

and there are many support and inquiries that you can ask Jack Jota from Korg to provide you with full assistance.



  • Weighted 88-Key.
  • Nine independent sound engines.
  • Directly sound editing tools.


  • Nord Stage Engine does not work properly. and does not take advantage of all the capabilities of Kronos Keyboard.



  • You will get a 16 GB SSD from kronos. which enables you to add many additional programs. and 3d-party programs. In addition Solid state drive is the fastest. and most powerful in information technology.
  • The Kronos keyboard is a weighted keyboard that helps you with playing in the Harmony style. and this instrument has a gold-plated back IO panel as well as 3 MIDI inputs. that you will need when making some connections.
  • This machine has many advantages that make you have two options. first is to take it with you to live concerts and benefit from the advantages of the programs. that are prepared via the Quick Access screen. secondly option is to connect it to your computer. and start recording tracks and get a high-quality performance.
  • Kronos keyboard will save you time while recording and producing music tracks. and will amaze you with cinematic recording and soundtrack.
  • With Nine independent sound engines. you will use many famous Generators with easy. and practical interfaces. that will serve you well when each engine is different and different.

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