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Hostwinds is web and host provider, it can help you with create your own website with great reliability.

Many of us have heard about virtualhost and some may wonder what this new technology is. which many hosting companies have put into their purchase plans.

It is to allow the addition of many different domain names on one domain and one server. which is also called the domain addons technology which we will talk about a lot in this article We will also talk about a respected hosting company in this field that offers many free SSL certificates that are sold by other hosting companies for $10.

Today we will give HOSTWINDS its right to spread virtualhost hosting and we will talk a lot about addons domains so it makes no sense to pay huge money without interest and this is what we will focus on in detail.


And as usual, I always look at you with top new and special things , I always love these people who walk in an orderly mental rhythm, always walk regularly without randomness and know what they want from life
And because I’m just like you, I love organization, order, accuracy in everything, and mutual respect  I’m going to talk about hosting like you and me today they call it HOSTWINDS.


A well-established hosting company based in Seattle , USA and owns three main Datacenter rooms two of them locates in Seattle U.S and third in Amsterdam Netherlands which cover DNS zones around the world.

HOSTWINDS has become famous for its virtual host technologies for clients and has outperformed many competitors in this feature due to its powerful dashboard.

Our lovely topic today will introduce best 5 reason to stay with HOSTWINDS or register an account for a first time today not tomorrow because this company deserves millions of customers the reason it contains all its service licenses unlike some other companies .

professionals only knowing well about why should all hosting’s have to own dedicated licenses , HOSTWINDS is a company that serves small and medium-sized hosting with all merit an small and clean company located in Seattle county in U.S.

This hosting is the best for you If you don’t going to pay a lot of money , It allows you to choose from three plans , Personally I chose the advanced plan because I needed some additional features and I will say why I purchased advanced plan by mention all the advantages I got when I’ve created hosting in upcoming lines of this article.


HOSTWINDS depends on resources. When he puts the prices for you, he puts them in a scientific way and when you buy he will tell you frankly about the hosting features you got without cheating or deceiving.

The first thing we will agree on is the organization that HOSTWINDS offers dozens of times more than other hosts , What I am saying is a summary of failed experiences with old hosts I worked with until my visitors completely disappeared which prompted me to buy a plan from HOSTWINDS.

In fact, I was astonished when they contacted me personally whether I was missing something or not, because they have a very powerful notification system that tells you about all the errors of your domains and how to fix them without trouble , they didn’t even ask you to vote about quality of their services unlike other ridiculous hosting’s enforce you to rate and vote their services to got fake ratings in front of others.

Getting started with HOSTWINDS is a successful deal for those looking to differentiate their sites with advanced tools to make them up to date daily with smart notification system , Well let’s start now to explain the advantages of plans.



You will get many advantages while booking hosting from HOSTWINDS which is to book your own virtualhost with scales based on your purchasing line that allows you to build your website immediately.


Why HOSTWINDS virtualhost?

I bought a lot of other hosting and virtualhost tech which led me to lose my business which I spent a lot on , I have tried many companies without mentioning their name and the result is losing my rank in Google because my site fails to load in front of visitors which led to the loss of confidence of search engines in my site which cost me about $ 2000 while editing articles until I found HOSTWINDS which my friend Tom told me about , he told me that he tried it for seven consecutive years and did not face any difficulty in solving any obstacles he faced during his work.

Tom owns a business account company now and runs over 60 employees under HOSTWINDS hosting and when he asked his employees about the quality of the WordPress site they are working on , everyone tells him that the site they are working on is too fast and they don’t want to change the HOSTWINDS service.

And HOSTWINDS is a well-established hosting that is headquartered in the US state of Seattle , It owns a huge datacenter with distinguished clients and has its datacenter in Amsterdam too, by using HOSTWINDS and you will be able to customize your domains effectively.

In addition to supporting WordPress templates with a list of multiple tasks in cPanel that enables you to manage the world from within , HOSTWINDS hosting also helps you achieve strong views and traffic on your site in the first months ,this is because it automatically contains archiving tools in search engines.


No more fear of loopholes with hosting provides you with many protective and backup tools So you can put all your data in safe place like HOSTWINDS.


Shared Host Plan

Despite the shared host plan is considered traditional but in HOSTWINDS hosting is completely different because it gives you a very powerful cPanel that makes you roam the secrets of your Dashboard it’s really real server dashboard , to say in your mind is this really hosting for beginners? Okay let’s mention more about Shared Host Plan.

This plan includes three choices at different prices:

  • Basic Plan : You will get unlimited Bandwidth with unlimited Disk Space plus one domain , Basic Plan.
  • Advanced Plan : You will get unlimited Bandwidth and unlimited Disk Space plus 4 Domains , Advanced Plan.
  • Ultimate Plan : You will have all mentioned features previously plus Unlimited Domains , Ultimate Plan.


  • Dedicated IP address that is work well with reverse DNS.
  • File Manager.
  • Advanced cPanel in all shared hosting plans.
  • Dedicated virtual machine server.
  • Free SSL for all your Domains.
  • Powerful Backup tools.
  • Unlimited databases.
  • Unlimited Mail accounts.


HOSTWINDS really provided everything I needed in my advanced virtualhost in a really great way that made me don’t like going to WordPress and start blogging because I monitor all my site traffic , I also manage all template updates from within the control panel and convert my site status from active to maintenance mode easily.

I will not tell that “you won’t leave this page without booking a new hosting from HOSTWINDS ” but that is truth by all these advantages of a shared host plan and you can rate this hosting and share this features to others to make you decide what you can do.



Business virtualhost

If you are looking to build a very fast online store then you have a good choice with HOSTWINDS virtualhost service with Business Web Hosting you will get all the advantages of the previous plan mentioned in addition to speed 3X times for everything , the secret of that is you will own very powerful server and the other secret I’m going to tell you is that your server is in an environment with few private network servers which located in HOSTWINDS datacenter.

This plan includes three choices at different prices:

  • Basic Plan : You will get unlimited Bandwidth with unlimited Disk Space plus one domain , Basic Plan.
  • Advanced Plan : You will get unlimited Bandwidth and unlimited Disk Space plus 4 Domains , Advanced Plan.
  • Ultimate Plan : You will have all mentioned features previously plus Unlimited Domains , Ultimate Plan.


  • Dedicated IP address that is work well with reverse DNS.
  • File Manager.
  • Advanced cPanel in all shared hosting plans.
  • Dedicated virtual machine server.
  • Free SSL for all your Domains.
  • Powerful Backup tools.
  • Unlimited databases.
  • SSD Host storage.
  • High performance of Ram.
  • Unlimited Mail accounts.
  • X3 speed of Private Network.

Although HOSTWINDS does not talk in detail about the technology of this hosting , However when you activate your account, you will find a complete detail of the server you are working on , and you are either very difficult choices, as all add-ons are available in both Hosting’s but if you prefer the price for the add-ons, I recommend Shared Host Plan.


It’s been a long time since I’ve been talking about HOSTWINDS but it has always been the best choice this year because it doesn’t have a large number of users which makes your bandwidth work very well without any new pricing conditions being applied in future.

Dedicated Web Hosting (virtualhost)

We will now come to hosting that cannot be requested by many, hosting in which a full physical server is allocated , server absorbs a lot of traffic on your huge site or a group of other sites you have , It’s a really huge hosting from HOSTWINDS that has a lot of power inside to run your business , equipped with all the services that you used to do with the previous hosts, but you are alone and no one shares those advantages with you.

Pricing here is not the same as before, here the options become somewhat customized and you can specify the specifications of the server you want, If you are a fan of choosing your own server, open the link here.


  • Dedicated Disk storage SSD , HDD with space can reaches to 1TB.
  • Multiple Operating System Windows , Ubuntu , Fedora , Debian , CentOS.
  • Outbound Bandwidth reaches to 10TB.
  • Multiple IP’s which sometime reach to 128 dedicated IP.
  • Multiple Node’s of Disk Storage can reach to 4.
  • 96 GB of Ram.
  • Heavy duty processors with at least 6 Cores.


This hosting is suitable for people who bring about 50,000 visits per day , and because these numbers of visits are rather large, they need a physical server entirely dedicated to businessmen to avoid problems and with HOSTWINDS you will find all these fantastic add-ons that enable you to build high-quality servers at affordable prices , despite the high price of this hosting, businessmen reap a daily income equivalent to the hosting price dozens of times.



If you are looking for premium virtualhost at a reasonable price, I advise you to book on HOSTWINDS , which gives you multiple options in managing your own sites  , I have a lot to say about HOSTWINDS and now I’m going to share with you my thoughts on 5 reasons to build up your site with HOSTWINDS.


1.More Reliability

Some of other hosting doesn’t provide SSL  for safe browsing which lead your site to be away from search engines such google , here comes the role of SSL certificate, which activates safe browsing of your site.

HOSTWINDS attaches a free SSL certificate to all your hosting websites , unlike some types of hosting that ask you to pay for activation and you can activate SSL in HOSTWINDS by adding a ticket for technical support team to activate it within less than 10 minutes.


2.Advanced cPanel

All hosting plans include advanced cPanel, which serves many advantages with many wonderful additions , from adding a large number of emails to managing files and tracking your bandwidth with the appearance of all standard indicators of traffic With the ability to modify your cPanel Theme unlike other hosts that give you limited authority in cPanel.

3. Notification System

HOSTWINDS has a very powerful notification system that keeps track of managing your domains , the notification system controls your hosting by sending you an e-mail telling you that there is a problem , It also offers you many solutions to choose from.

The notification system works independently of cPanel pages and shows results and errors anywhere you can also delete expired notifications to use the space for other notifications , All this you can only find in HOSTWINDS.


4. Backup Tools

HOSTWINDS has a powerful manual retrieval system with allocating free space for each retrieval regardless of the type and size of data And that is one of the things that really caught my attention when backing up.

There is a backup that can restore data after an error occurs , HOSTWINDS provides many features that preserve and protect your data from loss and hacking , where backup is one of the basics of hosting that must be available decently with multiple options unlike other bad hosts.

5.Dedicated IP with virtualhost

This is a feature that most hosts unfortunately miss.  Search engine bots check the IP ownership to find that it is not yours and then delay archiving from your site because it sends an email Brute to find that RDNS is not working properly.

HOSTWINDS offers more than great advantages in achieving good SEO simulation Which helps search results appear quickly in search engines , this feature is available even in shared hosting as well, which most other hosts do not provide in shared hosting.


What Now!

I have provided you with the best virtualhost company ever for this year based on quick of support and response and providing a very strong hosting, and I shared with you some of additions I mentioned in HOSTWINDS which really amazed me when I tried this most wonderful hosting.


  • All-new hosting that provides high-quality servers built in 2010.
  • It has a good reputation among competitors.
  • Big companies rely on in Seattle.
  • It is characterized by speed, quality and safety.
  • Cheap hosting for the services you provide to customers.
  • It has a long history in the field of networks and cyber information security.
  • has a profession license with all its services.


When you buy virtualhost from HOSTWINDS, choose a 3-year plan to save money , You’ll have a lot of options ahead of you by registering new account Signup Now.



I mentioned many of the benefits you will get when you sign up for HOSTWINDS and as I said earlier I have tried many hosting providers and I have never found better than HOSTWINDS this is because it contains a strong technical support system in managing the risks that may occur on your site from hackers.

I mentioned the most important and famous types of plans offered by HOSTWINDS, which are as follows:

  • Shared Host Plan : Which suits beginners and professionals in the web field and supports multiple sites , Buy Shared Host Plan.
  • Business Hosting Plan : Which is distinct from previous hosting at high performance speed for supporting better storage devices and random memory and is recommended for electronic stores , Buy Business Host Plan.
  • Dedicated Server Plan : Through which you can customize your server and determine the metrics by which your site will work It is suitable for owners of very famous sites , Buy Dedicated Plan.

All existing plans are suitable for everyone and depends on the different quality of each plan and the difference in prices and if for the first time you are building your website I advise you to start hosting Shared host plan in order to automatically support your aspirations.

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