Fortigate-101f : full specs

Fortigate-101f : full specs

Fortigate-101f is a security network gate. that allow you to protect your local network by creating rules and limit the access.

Everyone in these periods is migrating from a local network to a cloud network in order to achieve high levels of security and preserve data from loss. Many of us are unaware that cloud servers pass through multiple protection domains through firewall devices in order to keep your raw materials working well and one of these pieces The one we’ve covered is fortigate-101f, which has been widely used in cloud servers that charge you for data protection.

Professional Machine

But what if you are a professional in the field of local and public networks and want to stay in the details of the network that requires you to have high skills and customized methods for solving problems? In this case, you will resort to developing your technical skills in order to save a lot of money in exchange for maintaining your data in your own network away from the cloud.

I loved sharing my information about fortigate-101f in this article because I do a lot of work in this technology sector and the Fortinet hardware was one of the most important networking supplies I have worked with.

Cyper Protection

I do not want to tell you that network science is easy or that it is full of flowers and dreams, but if you are one of those who do this daily routine work, you will know what I am going to say in this article and today I will provide some information about fortigate-101f firewall as it is always the best in achieving the characteristics of cyber protection in your company or place Your job and the reason for that is simple:

  • There was a need for protection systems due to the large number of security gaps in the collective work networks, which could lead to a combustion of the devices.
  • The ability to sort, categorize, give and prevent priorities on the network to everyone who is authorized to work on it.
  • Get full support constantly about developments and security systems on the Internet.
  • Isolate network points partially or completely.


The presence of such characteristics is almost impossible in cheap devices due to many factors, the most important of which is the difficulty of obtaining an acceptable total performance, as well as the occurrence of sudden stops such as internet outages or interruption of lines and addresses of work servers, which would interrupt the network on the organization as a whole.

That is why we will give you a simple explanation about fortigate-101f, how it works and what are the signs that it is really a good deal for anyone who wants to get on-premise performance just like cloud systems and external servers.


FORTINET FortiGate-101F (Dedicated & exclusive network)

Today I delivered and installed this piece today for one of my clients, who owns a company of 110 employees, and this company was working with a protection system from another old version, the Fortigate 100D version, and this firewall worked for them for about 6 years without any problems.


Support & Updates

But in order to always stay under Fortinet updates, I upgraded and installed version 101F instead, it has better speed and more storage space in addition to containing an update that can be upgraded with a new license.

Through my experience with Fortinet products, I thought that I would find it difficult to transfer the resources and files that I built in Roles and Group policy, but after Fortinet provided me with the Forti convert service, I could upgrade to another new piece in just two hours.

The best thing that made me stay in the products of this giant company is the beautiful control screen and the presence of a dedicated Interface that allows you to build your local network with a superior protection system that prevents any intrusions or violations, whether by employees or even from external attacks.

Fortigate-101f professional piece is one of the most important network supplies that helps you protect your data from theft and danger, and it is suitable for medium and large businesses, which was produced by Fortinet.


The FortiGate-101F piece made my cybersecurity very high, which enabled me to filter out all unusual and suspicious traffic by users or visitors to external company websites.

Easy Configuration

I exported all the schematics in my old Fortient device by pressing a single button, which enabled me to own the config file for the network, and then I inserted the file in as a backup in the new widget, which saved me a lot of time without any procedure or manual text editing.

As for the design of the FortiGate-101F, it has a front interface that contains 20 special ports for managing cables coming from distributors and internet lines, in addition to 6 ports for connecting fiber lines and technologies.

As for the technical aspect, this piece contains, as usual, the console port, which is through which the console screen is accessed, and thus obtaining additional details that the graphical control panel may not provide for you.

How to use(Unboxing)

  • Open the lid and extract a small carton, which is the package that contains the user manual, and inside you will also find the Cat cable for network cards.
  • Gently remove the fortigate-101f from the inside and you will find a power cable at the bottom of the package. Remove the cover from the piece and install the mounting arms for the Rack bridge.
  • In the back, you will find two places for connecting power, one of which works as a backup via UPS devices.
  • When you run the widget, plug the network cable into the MGMT port to run the device for the first time.
  • Connect it to your computer and change the IP address to and give a Subnet mask
  • After that, try to enter the control screen of the Fortient Dashboard by entering the browser with the address
  • Set a new password and congratulations!! on getting started and working on your professional Fortinet cutter.



  • Control and add custom widgets to the design screen.
  • License lasts up to 6 years.
  • Support VPN with BANDWIDTH reaches 11.5 Gig.
  • 3 Years of Warranty.


  • Some versions need to be Downgrade before transferring data, and this leads to difficulty in synchronization in transferring data.
  • Life span only 5 years and after that period you will not get any new updates and features.



  • Despite the high prices of Fortinet parts at times, the exposure to data loss will cost you a loss in your entrepreneurial business for your own company.
  • fortigate-101f is compatible with innovative security systems that prevent malicious attacks.
  • However ,fortigate-101f and any other fortinet blocks random internet usage by giving you absolute authority to control addresses over the network.

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