joseph haydn

joseph haydn : full story since 1732

joseph haydn : full story since 1732 Music does not depend on great skill as much as it depends on the continuity of presenting symphonies and choosing the appropriate segment of the masses. Legends have spread since ancient times about pianists such as Joseph Haydn, Beethoven and Mozart that they were not the best, but […]

mozart life

mozart life : full story since 1756

mozart life : full story since 1756 Most of the piano geniuses appeared in the period of classical times, and the mozart life was a precious era with the wonderful musical clips that have spread to this day. Many complex musical notations that describe the minds of these giants such as Beethoft, Mozart and Chaikosvinki. […]

beethoven history

beethoven history : full story since 1770

beethoven history : story since 1770 There is one of the statements that Beethoven made while he was alive, where he said: I play for the sake of future generations, and he was able to fulfill his wish since ancient times, which is now appearing in the meantime. In his musical journey, the young man […]