Warsaw : chopin moments

Warsaw is one of the Polish cities that had a wide interest in ancient classical music. It is where some of the great musicians spent their lives.

This region on the border of Poland crosses many places where musicians are active.

We consider Chopin to be one of the musicians who spent more than half their lives in Warsaw. Where he lived in the 39 years that some of the buildings became evidence of his presence.

Warsaw has been witnessing many artistic events over the previous years and eras. Thus becoming one of the incubator cities for musicians in the ancient world.

His Life In Warsaw

Chopin is considered one of the most famous Polish authors. He has been living in Warsaw. Hence in 1944 the approach of the Russian army and the retreat of the Wehrmacht in Europe.

Several uprisings of the Polish army began to liberate the inner cities.

At the end of the story, one of the survivors emerges from the aftermath of death after the end of these events. And he redeemed the folk values ​​of Warsaw by collecting crumbs of artists and geniuses from this nation.

For instance, an American author wrote Opus 38. He interpreted music as a symbol of home.

In Lazienki Park, you will find a monument to Chopin, which indicates that he lived in that area for more than 39 years. In addition you can take a picture beside it.

This young man moved to Warsaw when he was a little old. His house was near Krakowskie Przedmieście Street, a lively and bustling area.

Of course, this young man began taking piano lessons at the age of six. Therefore, the Warsaw newspapers wrote a lot about him. The city saw his first musical pieces at the age of eight.

Although he spent a lot of time in his hometown, in 1830 he traveled to Vienna. However, he was unable to live far from his homeland.




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