The cello : what Yamaha SVC-210 hides?

The cello : what Yamaha SVC-210 hides?

All of us know about how use of the cello in festivals and huge theaters are important.

and if you want to know how to distinguish cello instrument in theaters just listen and focus on the low level music that holds heavy and hidden bass.

imagine that you don't have a bass in your music how your music looks to be?.

That exactly the cello does when accompaign music start with the base song.

some if us depends on bass or acoustic guitars when decides to create his own music.

specially when he deals with new pattern of music and what the markets require now.


but a classic style is indispensable on some of soundtrack. and in this period we began to see solo parts of music.

which in turn achieves fames to many of people and artist.

and the cello was kind of solo music we recently seen on social media.

or theaters or any hall of music.

Today we are going to promote our big product with big fans who wish to own some of these beautiful parts.

Therefore ,today we will explain best solution.

for people who is looking an great electric cello achieves good and fantastic quality. in mixing and recording.

Blending music is not easy. and I am talking about exact issues in mixing and mastering.

and even if you have good equipment you still poor some of great ways to create simple idea with million of fans.

That main stone for everyone that wants to own beautiful and practical part of music with life. and realistic tools not with software tools!!.

In other words we will not to talk now. and it’s preferable to start blogging about Yamaha SVC-210. the cello for all experts!!.



The cello Yamaha SVC-210


Cello for Yamaha SVC gives you a lovable time.

by playing for long time up to hours or even days depending on your talent.


Creativity and passion

this electric machine ignites emotions inside and gives you more and more from Ideas to dive into music world.

You will not regret for buying the cello from Yamaha exactly Yamaha SVC-210.

because it is not a simple cello even if it considered as electric machine.

but it is save your time you spent on who ones of the cello’s will give you realistic instruments and good feeling.

You will try a new experience by dealing with the different physical cue points that the SVC cello has.

And thanks for the great detail that you will get when you start using this cello.


Mechanism of playing

because it has a detachable piece to save your bones from direct friction while playing.

You will see an other piece on the right side of cello.

that will fit your shoulder and thumbs while playing that will provide you great control for the body of the cello.

one of pros you will find is when you drop hand down.

it will be grabbed from the left piece.

which provides for you all the was you need for physical's cue points.

What distinguish these parts of pieces. you can remove it any time and put its again AWESOME!!.

In the bottom you have also a bridge and tell piece and mechanical tuners as usually.

and you may not use tell piece you only deal directly with mechanical tuners Which is very similar to that of the guitar.

The cello Yamaha SVC-210 is one of the great and durable electric cellos. which it has a lot of pros in music world.
It has been made in 2011 by YAMAH company.
and Yamaha is famous and reliable since hundred of years in music even in multi field.


Okay now let’s talk about the back face of the cello.

you can see onboard preamp. you can also put your headphones in specific place.

and regarding of power there are battery on the rear which gives you freedom of movement.

In other words , You will notice from the rear there are two parts of cables.

one of them for line-out which is used for speakers and line-in for recording purposes.

and you will see wheel to control the sound to outside.

In bottom of the cello you will find arms and you can fold in and fold out by rear screw.


Easy of hold

it’s great idea from Yamaha. that allow you to hide the Highlights parts of your machine.

to become very little and small piece!!.

You will get a case for your cello consisted of canvas material.

and it has good compartment for the cello.

and that’s what you need to save your tools from any risk while travel. or go to any activities.

You can fit all your stuff in this case.

because you need to put some of parts separately.

there are a place for all stuff such cable and bow and rock stop.

you will get an other case for bow also with durable material.

You will find good piece for the cello. which is foam bit. and it in turns saves the front face of cello.

The cello Yamaha SVC-210 has great and durable material.

in addition it has good performance and imaginary sound.

because it has great level of sounds with great reverbs It is an old history of fans over the world.

For instance , Let’s talk a bit about designing .

the cello SVC-210 has 20.5 pounds with brown color.

it is available in markets since 10 years ago. and it has clean and good reviews and reputation over the world.



  • Clean high performance sounds.
  • Durable design.
  • Ability of use headphones.
  • Different physical cue points.
  • Competitive price.


  • Lack of ports.
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