simon and garfunkel : legendary past of america 50’s

Simon and Garfunkel is a duo of American folk musicians. Thus, they are among the pioneers of rock music that spread in the nineteenth century and covered many states.

The Simon and Garfunkel era is most famous for the 60s of the 18th century. It also achieved huge sales in the music tape market.  They first met at a school in Queens. New York 1953. It was a good opportunity for them to start learning and writing songs together.

Perhaps one of their compositions was “Hey Schoolgirl”, which was a minor hit under the Tom and Jerry label. The duo, Simon and Garfunkel, signed a commitment contract with the Brothers Company that helped launch them into the field of early American art.

Do not forget that the United States is the epitome of multiple and diverse cultures that work to integrate all peoples’ cultures together. Simon and Garfunkel thus helped reach a good cross-section of fans in the world of rock and classical music.


Simon and Garfunkel in 50’s

The couple grew up in the 1940s and 1950s, living in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood in New York City.

In the same area, they attended Kew Gardens Hills Schools and Junior High School. So it turns out that they were too much in love with music.

A big turning point for Simon and Garfunkel is that they both love to listen to the radio, and this helped them present their talent in the fourth grade, which is a summary of the talent show in the school.

Simon has found a good way to attract girls with his brilliant performance as a classic rock school kid. Thus, he always hopes to make friends through his talent.

The duet lacked coordination and completion of the elements of the band, which was quickly found after three friends joined them from the same school.


Hey Schoolgirl

It was a good idea from Simon and Garfunkel when they decided to transfer to Forest Hills High School. So they wrote their first song in 1956 and it was about girls.

Songs are always written in order to express the psychological state that art stars go through. This duo expressed their feelings in art in this way.

Simon Parents documented this song by sending a copy to the Library of Congress in an attempt to document copyright. The song was recorded for as little as $25.


Nickname and growing

They got the nickname Tom and Jerry and some of them called themselves Tom Graf. Because of his interest in mathematics. While Simon Jerry Landis called himself after the girl he was dating.

“Hey Girls” became popular almost all over America and was played on many radio programs after selling more than 100,000 copies in a row in the market.

Thus Simon and Garfunkel had gained prominence on such famous platforms as Dick Clark’s America. They both lived on presenting themselves at all concerts, earning $4,000 from each song and 2% of the royalties.

Big Records’ song was one of the most popular tunes they released. Bearing in mind that some of the songs did not get enough attention in the markets.


Successful duo

Although Simon and Garfunkel separated, they met on several occasions, the most famous of which was the 1981 party in Central Park. Many of their concerts have attracted over 750,000 audiences.

These two singers found themselves in Greenwich Village in 1963. This made them a truly successful duo.

Although they separated in school, for example, Simon finished his studies in Brooklyn, away from his friend.

Both duo took a sophisticated folk songwriting style that caught many amateurs’ ears. Some of the most popular songs are “Sparrow”, “Bleecker street” and “He Was My Brother”.



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