Mozart life : full story since 1756



The life of classical musicians is completely different from what we see today. Some of them were poor.

and some of them lived in a difficult or aristocratic group of society.

Perhaps these harsh conditions were the reason for their fame and creativity in this field. because of the many complications that they lived in previously.

In this article, we will talk about the best classical musicians who appeared in the seventeenth century.

when Mozart was at their head. Who is this giant and what is Mozart’s life?.


Mozart Life

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the most famous musical personalities.

that appeared in the period between 1756-1791. a composer and composer born in Zerzburg, Austria.

Mozart loved music since he was young, as he was watching his sister receive her musical education from her father.

and when his father saw that he was a child who loved this field.

He gave him some exercises at the age of four.

and he amazed his family when all the sections were executed with extreme accuracy. and integrated performance.

Mozart’s life has been surrounded by musical instruments since his childhood.

which made him greatly affected in this aspect of his life. In childhood. Wolfang Amadeus Mozart played some tunes composed by him.

which prompted his parents to write down his musical scores on paper. so that his ideas would grow in all stages of childhood.

This young child started partying at the age of six and was constantly on the move with his parents around Europe.

and he would appear in his parties through the shows that his family presented in the most famous European cities such as Prague.

Vienna, London and other other countries.

Art Journey

Mozart’s life was famous for his continuous presence in Italy and extensively in the period 1770-1773.

and during that period he presented two famous operas, and Mozart worked as conductor in the orchestra in 1774. which was in the Salzburg region.

During that period. Mozart composed many operatic plays. the most famous of which was the Domino opera in Munich, Germany in 1780.

which was the reason for his fame in the world. And more than 41 symphonies.

Although Mozart did not live long. he produced musical works that many musicians were unable to produce in that period.

which was caused by the musical ear that enabled him to spread his artistic inspiration on the stage and opera houses.

In his life, Mozart had a talent in his mental memory. as he used to conjure up all his music without looking much at the musical notes.

which is the reason why he excelled academically.

He was gifted in reading complex music sheets quickly. which helped him complete his work on extensive dates throughout his life.


Mozart Life was famous for many works of art that made him meet with success and a large crowd of audience supporting him in that period.

and despite his mysterious death. He gave us a lot of magical works. his days.

Mozart’s origins go back to a Catholic Christian family. that sanctifies classical music in all its forms and fosters the building of passion in its children.


Bad health during job

The musician Mozart’s health suffering has accompanied him since his childhood. as he was repeatedly affected by kidney failure.

which significantly hindered his life. but he did not give up achieving his musical goals because of his talent that appeared on his features since childhood.

Mozart was spending his sick life in a very poor family that did not have enough money to treat him in his youth.

What we can say here is that Mozart’s childhood was full of material and life deprivation.

and perhaps that was a clear reason for translating his feelings into great music that was famous for its reach all over the world.


Married life

In 1782, Mozart married Constance Weir and had six children, four of whom died during his life.

Mozart was exposed to many financial and health setbacks in his life.

causing him severe pain. It was said that he was heavily bankrupt for unknown reasons.

Mozart fell ill with fever and high temperatures. and he suffered greatly from that disease in the last periods of his life.

In addition his death was in the capital, Vienna, in 1791.


Bad Circumstances

The Mozart family was very poor. although it had a rich musical field.

but it did not have the wealth and money that would enable its children to be well known.

which made their first interest in building the talent of Mozart.

and his sister that enabled them to get out of Austria and go on a long journey in continental Europe was followed by a group of concerts.

and historical musical achievements whose memory remains in our hearts to that day.

Mozart was the youngest musician to lead many large theater orchestras.

which included a group of regions, the most famous of which were London. Rome and Munich, the main regions that enhanced his Mozart life.



We have been noticed by Mozart Life and other musicians like the giant Beethoven.

that the lives of all musicians had many obstacles that many people in different areas of life did not have.

However, these obstacles were nothing. but a path full of thorns for the success of these giants.

and the emergence of their most prominent tunes in international theaters to remain immortal for us at the present time.

how many famous musicians lived a life full of poverty and health setbacks. without knowing what fate had in store for him after his death.

Mozart’s life was very short, not exceeding 36 years. and it was full of problems whose causes we do not know.

starting with the genetic diseases that afflicted him. and ending with the death of his four children when they were young. And all over the world.

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