m audio sp 2 pedal : Top 5 pros

m audio sp 2 pedal is one of the top 5 pedals for piano and music distribution. In addition of Having a Sustain pedal such as m audio sp 2 pedal is possible when you play a piano sound on the Midi Keyboard.

Some may rely on applying the Sustain features without the need for a pedal. And indeed this is done through Music plugins or through a dedicated midi that supports this feature .

But what if we want a distinctive style of playing and producing musical melodies with high efficiency and high performance?.

It may be useful to have a Sustain pedal plugged in through dedicated ports that convey how much the player interacts with the sounds.

However , in this article we are going to list some of the advantages of m audio sp 2 pedal. that may save you money on finding one at an exorbitant price from other companies.


Why Pedal is important?

The use of Sustain Pedal was not limited to Midi of all kinds. but it is an old idea that was attached to wooden piano instruments.

It is a pedal at the far right that maintains control of the sound. by making an echo sound on or off or getting Sustain in an average way.

This pedal has benefited the old players and famous symphonies. In addition it helped them present their tunes in a professional manner capable of integrating the audience into the symphonic sounds that were played by the fingers of professionals.

Sustain Pedal marks have been added in the music notes .However, the player knows when to reduce it and when to increase it.



How to use sustain pedal?

If you want to know what Sustain Pedal or Damper is doing, it is in short to change the nature of the tone without affecting its content and content. Imagine playing and performing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. and let it be the first part of this symphony.

In addition You may notice that the first clip of Moonlight Sonata was played during Sustain Pedal’s activation and how May I know that?

When I started learning this passage, it became clear to me that Beethoven used Sustain Pedal throughout his playing the first part of this symphony. because the pace of the sounds was infinite.

therefore there was a noticeable Sustain who gave you the feeling of immersion in this beautiful melody.

You must be aware of this. as it is not recommended to use Sustain in Pattern Rhythm. because this will weaken the performance of other tracks while recording a large group of tracks.

In addition it will also cause a high and undesirable dB for those who hear the tune.

Focus on Sustain Pedal only when you are playing solo piano melodies or any other sounds. but solo without many tracks. You may be able to use the echo behind the singers’ voices.

because this will fill in the blanks of the recording if the recording contains one soundtrack, which is the piano.



M Audio SP 2 Sustain Pedal


If you know nothing about M-audio, it is an old company that designs and manufactures digital audio content and media from DJ and MIDI devices and some accessories and multi-capacity sound cards.

It is a Japanese company and its former name was Midiman, a subsidiary of the in music brands group of companies. The m audio sp 2 pedal is one of its digital products and has been sold on the Amazon market , and It is a product that is not new and has been widely used by fans of the M-Audio company.



The sp 2 contains a shiny Chrome foot and is adopted with a cable that reaches a length of 6 feet. in addition to Quarters Jack Detachable and mountable. The sp 2 Pedal has a great weight, durable materials.

In addition, it is very springy, and we can’t say it’s the best offer you can buy. but it covers your recording interests with clear sensitivity and wide range.In terms of connecting and installing sp 2.

However , you will be able to connect it to any keyboard that has a sustain pedal input. In addition you do not need to complicate the installation.

All you have to do is put sp 2 Jack in your keyboard port and it will activate automatically.

For some devices with complex systems such as Korg and Roland, you may need to make some modifications in their Menu to disable the default Sustain feature and activate it via sp 2.



Switch Key

Also m audio sp 2 pedal has a Switch Key at the bottom. If you release it, you will be able to play Sustain permanently unless you press the pedal to stop this echo. but if you keep the Switch Key as it is.

this pedal will work by default without any Sustain unless you step on it and it is in short Far from the previous details Backward Sustain and Forward Sustain.

One of the most important advantages of sp 2 is that it has a rough surface from the bottom that prevents it from slipping on smooth surfaces. which is the opposite of many Sustain pedal. which does not have one of these advantages. but in terms of competition with some other Sustain pedal.

In addition ,it does not contain Half pedaling, which may give more control In Sustain grades .But when you get used to using sp 2 you will be able to distribute well sustain and stick to what you play.

m audio sp 2 pedal was designed in October. 2001 and is still in production by M-Audio to suit the needs of users and electric instrument players at a very cheap price. With an Electric Keyboard you may have a good chance to try M-Audio products.

Main Brand M-Audio Model sp 2 / Sustain Pedal 2
Weight 1.575 lb. Manufacturing china
Dimensions 10.5 x 3 x 2.5 Color Black with chrome pedal.
Release Date October , 2001


  • Durable & sturdy.
  • Support all Midi and electric devices.
  • m audio sp 2 pedal has a very cheap price.


  • Half Pedaling not provided with its pedal.
  • Chrome Pedals sometimes slip the foot.
  • Yamaha and Roland provide better performance.
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