learn piano chords : Best 8 Easy Ways To work with

learning piano chords by practicing is possible. One of stories I hear is that Beethoven fell deaf.

when he was practicing his hobby of producing the most beautiful melodies From 1782 to 1822.

that young man who swept the world back then and to this day.

there are many sciences in life, but when it comes to music. the situation will be a little different.



It is an organized work of acoustic electricity that moves in harmony. sometimes leading to rapture.

Which produces the world’s most famous artists. who have been able to implant their actions in our ears throughout life.

Although my focus in this article will be without need to mention the greats in piano practice.

but word of learn piano chords. will be the main thing to give my experience in practicing has overcomes more than 15 years.

without even use note sheets.

How you say that ?, can someone play piano sheets without even to use?.

Yes, this is the truth that I wrote my article for. When you read over 2000 piano notes in your life.

you will be able to produce melodies out of the ordinary.



It will sell melodies to stores for more than $100 per every melody you make ,Who are you then? why don’t we see you why are you always behind the scenes?

We are the voices you hear every day in the morning and evening. Taste us every morning with a cup of coffee without sugar.

Therefore we are the tunes that appear on TV. we are the tunes on the alarm clock in the morning. and we are 90% of the radio sounds all the time.

We are part of the harmonious laws of nature. Colorful flowers, trees, winter winds and birdsong , these are all.

in fact, electrical frequencies that the ear can quickly distinguish this is what the piano keys contain black and white keys.

octaves and chords and finally beautiful summary of music products.

So , why should I learn piano chords?
The piano is a major component and root of musicology.
Therefore every song should have at least one layer of.
For instance when we hear a particular song. there is a background of natural and electric piano melodies that add distinct musical features into the singing structure.

Secrets while Learn piano chords

There are always secrets among musicians. that they do not reveal to those who are far from them.

such as performing the musical notes in different scales, for instance.

or doing exercise of fingers at a crazy speed to make it difficult to transfer ideas between others.

All these secrets should not mean anything to you after this meeting between us.

Some of them say that the features and personalities of musicians are a little different.

In other words I agree with them. but music is a logical science like other sciences that will need its peak before starting on this wheel.


Learn Piano chords without notes

Some marvel at those who are incredibly masters of music without reading or studying the notes.

the idea of ​​learn piano chords without musical notes may be useful. and it has gained popularity and popularity that you will not find in academic music.

as long as we agreed on the basics.

But I advise you not to start learn piano chords without an academy. because you will face problems coming. which are:

  • Some parties need to be prepared on a note before starting.
  • The note is a major requirement in theaters. as it distributes roles very effectively.
  • After you develop so quickly. you may feel embarrassed for not reading the note.
  • Everyone will spontaneously ask you if you read the notes or not. and that “he tried to learn music before and did not“. and from these sayings.


My story started when I was little. no more than five years old . I am not from a musical family my dad is a construction engineer and my mother does not work.

I was really lonely and very different from humans I don’t talk much and don’t express my feelings.

also I have another world in which I live. a quiet world that I find no one to bother me with.

I loved drawing very much. and I used to spend about three hours a day drawing trees and oceans.

and I had a great interest in drawings.

Above all , my dad took me to his work on my summer vacation I saw his friend who loved me so much and my Dad told him that I love hobby of drawing.

but I didn’t know secret of his love for me. as if he saw himself when he was young.

In next day , my father came home with a small electric piano on his shoulders.

I was very surprised when I saw a small piano with very beautiful nature drawings are printed on.

And he told me this piano from my friend who saw you yesterday.

Mark bought me an electric piano because my dad told him I like drawing.

and he doesn’t know now that I became an audio engineer. producing the best melodies and then selling them to others.

I wish I knew address of mark now so that I could thank him and praise him. or at least is he still alive to tell him about all my artwork.

I didn’t sleep that day out of joy and I didn’t understand anything about music. and as I told you before, my family is not artistic.


Rhythm in head

There was a rhythm in my head. that I always remembered listening to an old American radio that broadcast melodies of piano on a daily basis.

I was always composing in my mind and the melodies were always very harmonious.

Therefore ,my Dad asked me to enroll in a music institute. but after the summer vacation ended. it was time to study and my time became very tight.

Because my brain is a rhythmic melody. I used to memorize a musical note inside and search for the keys that resembles it in my small piano.

And so on, until I gathered these signs to form a melody. and this is the secret of my beginning in the world of music.


Role of family

My family were amazed with my performance. which began to develop remarkably.

as if it was a miracle that I realized from a young age.

For instance , I enrolled in a music institute close to my residence for a period of five years. while I mastered the basics.

and became good at reading musical notes at an average level.

In other words I have talked a lot about myself. but that’s my story that made me own a beautiful music studio in California.

so maybe I can speak a little about myself.

Not some kind of vanity. but to tell you about steps that if you follow you will build great success with music.

and that’s why I’m going to mention five different ways that will make you a professional in studying piano.

and I will tell you secrets. that will make your ears overcome your hands sometimes when you sit in front of piano.

1. Thinking

Random minds will not agree with the rhythm of the music. and that will apply to you when you adopt the idea of ​​luck in understanding music.

Where you will feel so much comparing yourself to music experts. and you are still in the starting line and then you come to say it’s a matter of luck.

However , I will disagree with you because mastering piano is not a kind of luck.

but rather an organized and deep way of thinking. that will make you see music from a scientific point of view.

unlike the people who accuse musicologists of clowns. Because they couldn’t even distinguish between c minor and major scale.

When you learn piano chords. you will discover that life follows an organized law that we cannot violate.

as well as thinking, as it is linked to laws just like the laws of mathematics.

When you violate them, the result will be wrong and we will fail the test.

Then we will agree together that you must adopt the method of organized.

and logical thinking in all matters of your life, at home, at work, on your appointments.

because music timing does not tolerate delaying appointments!!.


2. Listening

When you learn a piano in your first class. you’d better devote time to you outside of training periods to listen to symphonies.

Therefore , even if they’re difficult to perform. but you have to refine these melodies in your mind and imagination.

Listening to old symphonies is most important to me. because I use some cords in new melody and there are many transformations in symphonies.

that contain different layers based on memory activation while making melodies.

Some may ask me what it’s like to listen to symphonies without applying.

and I’ll tell him in short, when you listen to the old symphonies. you’ll keep the rules of fixed music that won’t change our whole lives.

As we said earlier, activating and arranging the subconscious mind to listen to music is essential.

and I strongly recommend it while sleeping studying or work.



The best advice I can give you is practice over and over again.

I remember being young I’ve been sitting in front of the piano for at least seven hours a day.

And I say that because I wanted to learn day after day, and if you are not. I respect you, but maybe this article isn’t for you.

You should be able to diagnose the weaknesses you have when you learn piano chords.

For instance , you practice a note to perfect it completely, but it’s hindered by the speed of its implementation.

In this case, you must know whether your hands are keeping pace with the development. that is happening in your mind or not.

Some musical papers needed 6 months to a year to master them completely.

In other words , This is very normal at the beginning in order to find the result that will satisfy you.

When you focus on the painful hand. you will do nerve exercises from Lower C to Middle C  and vice versa.


4. Get to know experts

When you learn piano chords. you will need to mix with experts from the same field. because they will give you recommendations and magic methods.

Therefore this happened to me when I bought a Yamaha keyboard from an old piano magician.

and I was amazed at the extent of his long experience. as he played a clip of no more than two minutes that I could not even record to attach to you in this article.


He told me that “starting with an easy piano scale. It will make it more difficult later so stick to the note pages where to start“.


And he asked me not to imitate anyone during the improvisation. and he told me that we are a miracle different from others in this field.

I followed in his footsteps until I reached a good level. even if there are better ones.

but I can present my message in a way that no one will be able to, and you are.


5. Keep Going!

Don’t listen to the frustrated who wait for you to make a mistake. and then start planting their poison inside you.

this is the unfortunate truth when my relatives found out. that I am talented in music they told me.


Will you spend the rest of your life in bars playing melodies for dancers?“.


Don’t let them get in your way and ignore them. because maybe you will be successful and they will start underestimating you.

they are really bad people who don’t like good for anyone. and they are worthless in front of piano anyway.


6. Be Patient

Learn piano chords is like any other skill. even if we assume that any skill in this universe has just been started.

It will take fifteen years to start production and find a special audience.

Music is no less important than the rest because it is one of the very required specialties.

Some people even request a specific musician to perform at holiday parties.


7. learn piano chords with basics

Always focus on the basics, and if we talk about the field of painting.

the colors are 7 basic colors. and the rest are degrees of brightness and contrast to make them different. as well as the music.

The chords are basic. you should focus on them as for the additions.

they are very many and varied. and your focus on basics is what will make you one day a musical magician requested by many.


8.learn piano chords with Metronome

You can always rely on Metronome Tool while performing and preparing the musical notes. which is very important for controlling musical time.

Every piece of music, even songs, has a digital timer before it is built.

which must be adhered to by musicians during the composition of the melodies in order to avoid going out of time. as well as when you learn piano chords.


9. Too Late!

You must force yourself to continue. otherwise you will disappear from among the competitors in this field.



There are some tips that I used before I became famous :

  • Organize your time well and don’t let your old friends hinder your progress.
  • Arrange your notes pages. and don’t start new until you finish the old one.
  • Make a review and assessment of your. level by recording some live videos or audio recordings to see the difference.
  • Never imitate imitators are always exposed quickly when fame.
  • Improvise after your music lessons. and spend more time alone to arrange your next day.
  • Adopt the personality of musicians in the fashion of clothing or haircut. for instance. and build yourself well in all music markets.
  • Never give up. musicians face marketing difficulties while selling their tunes.
  • Difficulties due to the large number of instruments. that produce melodic pieces quickly.
  • Expand your artistic base by teaching your children music. and following them because they might be the stars of the future.

Why learn piano chords are the best?

With my all respect for all musicians who use multiple artistic instruments, but we can say when you learn piano.

In other words , You will be able to use the appropriate recording tools without having to go other people who want to improve your music performance.

and this point is important in your balance because it will make you the engineer, developer, musician.

and everything in all tools of musical engineering, simply. because piano is the basis of everything in building any song, as we said.



I have mentioned to you more than best nine tips that you will adopt greatly.

Therefore , when starting to learn piano chords , you can work on these ideas and tips from today to make yourself stand out from others.

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