korg volca kick : full specs and review

As always, Korg provides us with all the equipment and add-ons, including the korg volca kick, which is a powerful generator that serves a specific category of loud bass distribution, which is the sixth edition of Korg.

Why Korg?

As we are used to from Korg Company to provide all musical instruments that are scarce in the market, but here you will find them and even find full support for those good products to serve the purposes of recording with high quality.

If you do not know about this company, we invite you to read its information well, or in short it is a musical instruments company based in The city of Tokyo and has had many industries since 1962.

Korg provides an analogue kick generator that helps you add more heavy bass and actually when I saw a lot of reviews about it I found it to be powerful and it helps build melodies and intros well without empty spaces in the recording.

The main factor of the korg volca kick machine is that it is a one-of-a-kind device that is dedicated to making distributions with a separate track and a real device.

In addition it provides a stronger audio performance than any generator included in a specific software during recording.



korg volca kick Bass Synthesizer


korg volca kick is specially designed to support bass sound during recording, and while working on it. you will get high-quality bass sounds and various beats sounds.

in addition to FM Keys. which will prepare you for an excellent performance with this Volkers.

Korg Volca Kick includes more than 16 sequencers that work well with portable batteries, in addition to containing 20 MS filters that you can work with smoothly and practically.

In other words , you can use a lot of filters that provide you with a very high-accuracy and harmonious bass performance.

The most important advantages of the korg volca kick is the ability to separate sounds and elements and divide them into individual elements and call each other when needed, in short, it is a 16-key Realtime synthesizer.

Now you will also be able to use baseline which is a loop of bass and beats sounds and no clip is free from their presence and simply the way korg volca kick works is to include a 4/4 time track containing Fill-in keys through.

which you fill the time tracks with the sounds that you find appropriate to your taste in rhythm It is an essential tool to help you build your music track correctly.


Loops Recording

You can record any automation you find appropriate by means of motion sequence. For example, if you activate a time-lapse with a custom bass, you can make a mix and make an adjustment to it, and then exit the recording mode after you get a continuous repetition of the automation that you recorded.

The most important advantages of the korg volca kick is that it has the oscillations of the MS-20 rev filter.

It also contains an octave level, bend and a timer, which is a sub-panel in this device adapted from the MS-20 resonator.

This machine supports AMP features such as Decay and Attack, and also supports Pulse features, which are color and level, in addition to a large memory through which you can record about 9 tracks simultaneously with tempo light to keep time and fill the fillings correctly.

Keep in mind that korg volca kick is the most powerful instrument in producing bass of all degrees and is highly recommended for optimal performance without the drop or drop of some sounds in any Virtual synthesizer software.

Launched in 2016, Korg Volca Kick is a dedicated bass loop synthesizer for adding a bass loop while creating beats for your music.
It supports approximately 16 time keys for automation for every bass you produce, supports midi and headphones connections, and is a Ms-20-source filter.
Brand Korg Model Volca Kick
Type Analog synthesis Polyphony 1 quantity of voice
MS-20 source pitch/octave/time AMP supported
Tone Low bass filter Steps 16
MS-20 source pitch/octave/time Audio output Headphones / MIDI-in
Battery Life 10 hours Release Date 2016


  • Strong Battery life.
  • High Playability.


  • Software alternatives.
  • Price is not cheap.



Why korg volca kick?

The reason for making korg volca kick is to provide dedicated resources for synthesizer devices, as many companies are building synthesizer software, and this is good in terms of shortening the equipment, but you will have many disadvantages of using this software, the most important of which are:

  • A weakness in the song tracks and the disappearance of some of them.
  • Loading performance on a computer Not all computers are powerful to produce high bass quality.
  • Some features do not work in synthesizer software.

For these reasons, Korg has focused on producing discrete, customized synthesizers for consistent performance and support for all rhythm styles across separate, isolated tracks in performance to provide clear tunes for content creators.



volca kick shines?

korg volca kick machine offers great melodies and very good sound effects and all music professionals have found this fact in the pride of Korg Industries.

The reason for that is that you can create a motion sequence for those sounds to get complex results from the music effects that have become so sought after by popular music content producers.

And through the korg volca kick machine, you will be able to create music content on your own in front of everyone with only a piece that weighs no more than half a kilo.

and you will achieve very good results through speakers and good headphones.

What distinguishes this piece is the protection of all automation from loss or loss, which is available through the use of Touch FX, and this technology is able to make any instantaneous adjustment in the settings of AMP or Pulse, which is what you need during a good remix.

You must be confident that you will have the best synthesizer offered by Korg that provides you with excellent performance and high build quality unlike some other companies.

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