korg pa4x: full specs

korg pa4x is one of the professional arranger machines produced by the korg company.

There are many lights that shine over professional music instruments, which are present in almost every home in Germany, and there are musicians who are at the beginning of their musical path, and some of them have come a long way in this field.

However , I will focus on a musical instrument that has achieved unparalleled success in many places around the world, so that some have confidence in the Korg brand, which made him buy most of his musical instruments online.

One of the devices that I have yet to discover, and in every concert, I am amazed by the programs that are developed in korg pa4x, which made me surely convinced that the Korg company has made a musical instrument that keeps pace with every time and place.


  • Korg history.
  • Korg pa4x.
  • Tips before you buy.


Korg History

Perhaps you do not know much about the origins of the Korg company. It’s okay. Korg is a company specialized in the field of music instruments and was established in 1962 by two well-known musicians in a nightclub in Tokyo.

For instance, It was formerly called Keio Electronic Laboratories, and the name Keio was derived from the train line that was near the offices of this prestigious company. Kato was a nightclub manager and a graduate of the University of Tokyo.

He wanted to develop the Wurlitzer Sideman in his nightclub and persuaded his friend and partner Osanai to fund Their project to specialize in building musical instruments better than the old ones at that time.


Who knew at the time that this company would one day dominate the market for musical instruments in America and Europe in this strange form that we see now? It was Korg’s direction in developing the Donka Matic percussion instrument which was developed in 1963.

Above all , we do not want to delve into the history of the Korg company. We have mentioned a simple brief about the history of its inception in the manufacture of music instruments,

and we will write a special and exclusive article about the achievements of this ancient company.



Korg PA4x, 61-Key Professional Arranger


When you buy a Korg Pa4x Standard Edition 61 keys 5 octaves, you will get 512 user sounds in addition to more than 128 Drum kits with the ability to modify the sound structure.


In terms of sounds, do not worry too much because you will get more than 1500 sounds with the GM & XG set, which provides you with a lot of sound options. I noticed some things in the PA4x version that came specifically to compete with Yamaha Tyros devices , as it is similar to the semi-weighted keys feature provided by Yamaha Even on entry-level devices.


In addition to the touch feature in the keys, it depends on the force of the hand swaying the keys to make the sound rise and fall according to the feeling of playing the piano.

However I’ve tried this keyboard and it’s really good at playing the piano and it’s very realistic.


korg pa4x produced by Korg company, it is a little recent and has not reached some countries yet, but it has achieved widespread success in Europe. America and the Middle East,

in addition to enjoying the advantages of competing companies.

It contains more than 1500 sounds with high electrical frequencies in addition to some sounds that were extracted from natural machines.

Keyboard Pa4X 61 Semi–weighted keys System Upgradable Operating System
Sound Generator EDS-X Polyphony 128 Voices, 128 Oscillators
Sampling User PCM RAM: 1.5 GB compressed (Up to 3 GB linear data) Styles More than 580 Factory Styles and more than 1.248 for user
Display 7” Wide capacitive color TouchView™ TFT display Weight Pa4X-61 (13.9 kilo gram/30.64 lbs


  • Korg pa4x is a Professional Arranger.
  • Touch screen.
  • Quick access control.
  • Semi–weighted keys with Velocity and After touch.


  • No accessories, you will just get a device without anything more.
  • Gap prices between Orientals & standard edition.
  • Did not fit beginners.
  • No built-in Speakers.
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