joseph haydn : full story since 1732

The language of music is an ancient language that was made of nature’s tools.

to be the most widely spoken language among humans despite the different cultures.

and it is the language that most people understand well, if not complete.

In other words , we do not know what is the secret of the spread of feelings in this way in classical European nature.

Perhaps because the Europeans are a very emotional people and love to translate feelings.

and perhaps they got that from their wonderful nature.

which made their imagination a wide world of creativity and translation of these feelings.

In this article, I will provide a short overview of Joseph Haydn. who throughout his life gave us very wonderful melodies.

that have surrounded our tender hearts with these wonderful feelings.

Who is this genius, what is the pub, and how did it reach us and all regions of the world during two hundred years?.


Joseph Haydn

Born in the city of Rohu in Austria in 1732. He is a musical genius who created his first beautiful pieces at the age of ten.

Some big concerts. and her melody was always close to religion in style.

as he was able to write wonderful musical scores that are desired by many.

History went in the name of Baba because he is a contemporary father of the classical symphony.

but he did not marry and remained celibate throughout his life.

due to his preoccupation with worship and composing theatrical melodies.


Childhood period

Joseph Haydn was the son of Matthias Haydn. a music fanatic and the father of twelve children.

including Joseph, who was greatly influenced by music. which prompted him to practice it hysterically to reach a professional level.

that enabled him to lead concerts at a young age.

Joseph Haydn’s beginnings were very poor. as he began at the age of seventeen to give lessons and lectures in teaching music to children.

and people knew him by playing in the streets in front of passers-by. and that was his only source of livelihood at that time.

Haydn was loved by the British. French and Italian leaders. and they always called him the Great.

because he was talented in his profession. and he made them very happy in his symphonies.


Joseph Haydn had a beautiful voice from a young age. and this was evident when he sang church hymns.

which he performed in Hamburg when he went to his father’s cousin.

who was working as the leader of the choir choir in the local church.

Upon entering school. he learned to play basic instruments such as the piano and the violin.

and participated in the city’s activities to a large extent. as no concert was absent from his presence at the age of eight.


In 1740

In 1740, the Director of Music came to the Cathedral in Hamburg to meet the new children singing.

Joseph Haydn was one of them on that occasion.

Despite the poor living conditions in the city of Vienna and the widespread poverty.

This obstacle did not stop Haydn, but continued to teach him and receive lessons from his teachers in the church until he reached the age of 18.

and when the band director noticed that Joseph Haydn was improving in his performance on everyone.

He expelled him From the band and gave it up.

Haydn was in such dire straits that he borrowed money and bought a modest piano to play in a rented room at the time.

It was a golden period for him as he began researching theoretical music.


Composing Music

He would start composing late at night and then write down everything he composed.

and he had fans coming to his room to complete their evening with him.

In other words these people were the key to Joseph Haydn to get into big theaters and play his symphonies.


First symphony

In 1759, Joseph Haydn composed his first symphony. the Count’s Choir, and after he started establishing a steady income.

He fell in love with one of the girls close to him in the Venice region. but he did not have any special circumstances with her.


Love story

as he loved her very much and she was also one of his students.

but she became a nun and was unable to marry her.

After the girl became a nun. Joseph Haydn decided to marry her sister, Anna Maria.

but this marriage quickly failed due to her inability to have children and because of her cruelty to him.

as she had very distant interests and did not like music.

In other words, this girl did not appreciate Haydn’s way of life, which prompted him to divorce.


in 1761

In 1761 Haydn obtained an attractive offer from the Hungarian Lestarese. who was considered richer at the time.

A family loves music so much that Haydn signed a contract to receive it.

and manage orchestra concerts and organize them in the castle. and Joseph Haydn continued to work for 29 years with that family.

He achieved great success with the Hungarian family. and he received a large salary that enabled him to buy a separate house for him.

and although he was a servant, everyone respected and appreciated him as one of its members.


His Artworks

  • This musician had many musical melodies. including the farewell symphony.
  • a number of religious muwashshah, four lyrical narrations.
  • in addition to quad strings and multiple melodies of various literary themes and stories.
  • His music reached several countries and received many requests in Britain and Austria.
  • Joseph Haydn contemplated many famous people in those periods and met musical personalities.
  • the most famous of which was Mozart, for whom I have the utmost respect and appreciation.
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