Johann Bach : 1735 – 1782

Johann Bach is the younger son of Johann Sebastian Bach , a composer and musician. who developed his own melody and personal style.

He studied and learned music at the hands of his father and brother, Carl Philippe Emmanuel. His business began during his long stay in Italy in 1755.

Although his father and brothers separated from the world of music. he continued to compose and present unique classical pieces. Where most of his tunes are tender and romantic.

Johann Bach influenced Mozart  by elegance. and charisma that he provided a section befitting an Italian opera house.

Bach wrote many immortal vocal works, and assisted all the orchestras of his day. For instance, some of their works have reached this day.


The methods used by composers have always remained a great mystery in high art. There are many ways to achieve these methods. For instance, ensuring business secrets in drafts and documents.

Music can also be analyzed via graphics and letters. In addition to melody building signals and tactics. Many composers did not leave behind drawings like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or even Beethoven.

Therefore, when studying Mozart’s synthetic method in melody. Musicians prefer to work on deeply analyzing the external melody. This is much better than imitating musical documents without developing a mentality.


Relation with Mozart

When influenced by the greats, little by little matters will unfold in the analysis. and identification of musical elements. Mozart can be considered a good friend of Johann Bach and you may find this in the similarity of the melodies he produced.

For instance, musicologists have concluded that Christian was a timeless influence in Mozart’s life. Which had the effect of producing similar melodies to some extent.

Johann Bach was like a father to Mozart. He was the only true teacher of Mozart.

For instance, The scientist Robert Gjerdingen stated that Mozart considered Johann as a great role model.

Music Pattern

There are many points that provide evidence of links between Mozart and JC Bach. One of them is the first piece that Mozart composed on the streets of London. For Instance, the early symphonies K. 16 and K.19. Which was very similar to Opus 3.3.

Bach’s style was followed in the Opus .5 Sonata. The Opus 13. Where she performed 13 piano concertos. Mozart also referred to Bach’s melodies when casting “Non so d’onde viene”.


Johann Bach Story

After Johann Bach mastered the basic music skills of his brother and father . He decided to go on a trip to Italy in 1754. He began his professional studies with Padres Martini.

Then he converted to Catholicism and became an instrumentalist at Milan Cathedral in 1760.

In 1762 he went to London and later became a certified composer at King’s Theater. He was also a member of the Queen’s Church Band, where he organized the Bach Abel concerts.


His Life

Bach’s life is characterized by some mystery, as he did not find fame as usual. When his father died in 1750. His brother Philip Bach took him to live in a suburb of Berlin.

There is unclear information about Johann Christian when he traveled to Italy. From some of those questions, how did he get there and who was with him.

Some say that Johann Bach got to know many Italian singers. and one of them asked him to go with her. As getting to know them made him fall in love with Italy and go there.


His Works

Johann Bach accomplished many immortal works that have stayed to this day. Including 11 operas and 90 symphonies, in addition to chamber works. For instance , Quintets was the most famous of them.

Bach was greatly influenced by the style of Italian music and the Mannheim School. He also made an impact on the work of Mozart with whom he was on good terms.

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