Frederic Chopin : story since 1810

Frederic Chopin is a Polish composer, born in March 1810 in Warsaw.

This young man appeared in the romantic period of music. Where Frederic Chopin 

grew up in Warsaw and completed his musical education there.

After that, He settled in Paris and obtained citizenship in 1835. Therefore , he made 30 musical works during his previous life.

Musicology has been known since the Middle Ages. It has witnessed the emergence of many great musicians.

Nicholas is Chopin’s father. And who worked as a teacher for wealthy families in France, the most famous of them being the Scar-bucks family.

The Frederic Chopin family had some artistic inclinations. In other words They have been playing the piano since they were young. Chopin was influenced by this and wanted to reformulate the melodies in his own way.

Therefore, he began his first art lessons with the old man Wojciech Zwini.

His works are intelligent and have a high sense of performance.

That influence began to produce melodies quickly. That’s when the concepts of playing were well established in his mind.


Frederic Chopin Works

Chopin started his artwork at an early age. His first concert was a public charity event. In addition to his singing in the presence of Russian  Cesar Alexander I.

And at the age of seven he wrote Polonaise on the G-Minor. After his talent grew, his family registered him at the Warsaw Institute.

When he insisted on training, Elsner realized that Chopin’s imagination was high. He was inclined to romance in his performance. In addition to his interest in the heritage of the Polish countryside in his melodies.

In the piano institute, he used a single style of performance. It was in harmony with the machine as it was specially made for him.

Travel to Vienna

Although musical life in Warsaw. However, Frederic Chopin found himself wanting more artistic giving in more than one place.

For this, his parents provided him with financial support. Where they sent him to Vienna. Which was witnessing great students and musicians in its lands.



On the impact of mass Polish immigration. Chopin was one of hundreds of immigrants to France, arriving in Paris in 1831 and staying there alone.

He was having some difficulties speaking French. Thus, he obtained citizenship under his new French name. And he spent his travel days and his transfers through the French passport.

During his life in Paris, Frederic Chopin met many artists and musical personalities such as Hector BerliozFranz List, and others.

It was a good idea when I met the most famous artists. This opportunity allowed him to practice his profession and his musical talent without interruption.


Classical Music

Their influence has caught our ears to this day. The study of music contributed to revitalizing and reconsidering the Gregorian chant, as there were many voices during the Renaissance.

The efforts of specialists in the manufacture of machines from natural materials. and the emergence of many of its leaders on the art scene, such as Mozart and Frederic Chopin.

Perhaps Beethoven was one of the masters of classical and romantic music. But Chopin also proved worthy of that place.

Frederic Chopin Fans

Chopin had a good relationship with Franz List. He was highly admired by composers such as Robert Schumann.

Frederic Chopin witnessed many admirers during his stay in Paris. And the most famous of them Anna, from the aristocracy.

This young woman, accompanied by her sister, was presented as a good listener of Chopin. In addition, he was a few times in the countesses’ house and when he played the first melodies of Beethoven sonata.

His Marriage

He married with Maria Wodzinska in 1837, but the relationship did not last long. After that, he formed another relationship with the French writer George Sand.

The year 1839 of his life witnessed numerous and brilliant works of art. In addition He had good financial support from his Scottish friend Jane Sterling on his visit to Scotland in 1848.



His Death

Frederic Chopin died in 1849. His health began to deteriorate. Therefore, he asked his family members to stay with him in Paris in his last moments.

His sister Ludvika came to Paris with her husband and daughter. In October of the same year, his health gradually began to deteriorate. Only his friends and family were left with him.

Chopin recommended to friends that his body be opened after his death to ensure that he was not buried alive. He asked to return his heart to Warsaw after his death.

He died of tuberculosis as his friends worked a funeral for him in the Madeleine’s Church His funeral was attended by 3,000 people who arrived from many and far away regions.

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