Digital piano for classical pianists : top rated 2

A digital piano for classical pianists is available on amazon market with cheapest prices.

However , Have you ever thought about buying a digital piano for classical pianists?.

If you are, then you are a person of good taste. only good at playing high-level symphonies.

In other words , some of us may not be good at choosing an electric piano, and the reason is to escape from unrealistic piano roads, but in this article I will present to you the best two devices through which you can practice your musical activity with all smooth operation.




Digital piano for classical pianists

The digital piano is the innovative musical instrument that is another alternative to the real piano, and with the development of electrical engineering, you will get a realistic instrument that offers real acoustic piano in all the features and additions with Pedal to control everything you were doing while playing traditional piano instruments.

And because you play an electronic piano, you will get wheels to control the volume, and perhaps some devices provide you with many sounds and also lower maintenance costs in exchange for owning an ancient instrument that is still expensive until now.

The best advantages that drive you to buy an Electric piano is to save large amounts of money in exchange for real and realistic sounds.

Perhaps you have a store that sells your own instruments and you record clips that may sound to the listener that they are from a real piano, but in fact there is an electronic piano that has achieved this success for you in Spreading your tunes, save you effort and money, and get good sales.



Donner DEP-20 Beginner Digital Piano With 88 Key!


With the Donner DEP-20 with a weighted keyboard, you will be able to play your music smoothly. We may not know anything about Donner, but it has already started its business in producing music tools in 2012, and it is a Chinese company whose most famous manufacture was Guitar accessories such as pedals and cables,
and one day it has decided to enter into more complex instruments such as making a digital piano as you can see in the picture. DEP-20 has really great headphones in sound, with precise engineering to bring out the sound frequencies when playing.
For instance there is no need to connect additional sound devices when playing in a small room or hall. This machine has many advantages, it consists of 88 keys and contains 238 tones in addition to 128 polyphone, and you can separate the keys via the Double keyboard,
which is provided to you by the Control panel inside the settings of this machine. Donner DEP-20 has a high-quality keyboard with weighted keys technology in addition to 100 demo songs that help you teach and practice.




In terms of electronic instruments, the settings screens have been neglected to focus on sound quality and the main settings bank where the DEP-20 has a small blue screen in the middle.

Donner gives you the ability to connect a Headset cable to this machine, and it also provides you with a high-quality audio speaker with a capacity of 25 watts, which is a very good number for hearing sound in all the details.

You can connect many devices with this DEP-20 machine, such as additional audio interfaces, and you can also attach the Sustain Pedal and contain a USB port in case you want to convert audio and input it to some additional equipment such as a computer,

For instance, in terms of weight, this instrument is rather heavy. Its total weight with all its belongings may reach 24 kilograms.

Perhaps this is annoying if you want to move it from one place to another.

However, I liked the realistic sound accuracy that comes out of it and its observance of the rules of playing a real piano.

DEP-20 was launched by a Chinese company called Donner, a company with previous experience in the manufacture of musical instrument peripherals.
In addition  DEP-20 has achieved a good spread in the market due to its cheap price,
good additions and assistance for beginners and professionals.
Brand Donner Model DEP-20
Type Electric Piano Keys 88 Keys
Weighted Keyboard Yes Weight 25 lbs.
Color Dark/Black


  • Realistic Tone Bank.
  • Support Beginners.
  • Weighted Keys.
  • Powerful speakers.
  • Cheap Price.
  • Digital piano for classical pianists.


  • Thick size and sometimes annoying while sitting in short stature.


Yamaha PSR-EW310 76-key Portable Device


From my opinion and through my experience with the Yamaha PSR, the PSR-EW310 is the best solution for those who want to play solo, and the reason for this is that Yamaha has outperformed many other companies in the quality of the piano sound since ancient times.

and with the PSR-EW310 you will feel what I mean well. It is difficult to find a 76-key electronic piano, and perhaps this size is desired by everyone. The PSR-EW310 76-key machine has provided you with a cheap price and a competitive price with the most beautiful piano sounds.

as it is a machine that contains dedicated piano resonance players with Smart Chord . Which helps you choose your chords perfectly, accurately and without making mistakes.




Another advantage of the PSR-EW310 is its extremely light weight, only 5.5 lbs. In fact, Yamaha devices help beginners to reach professionalism in a record time. I remember that the first one before professionalism was the Yamaha PSR 1000, which made me master all the basics of playing the piano, which was equipped with a beautiful alum at the time that helped me use the Chord correctly and it suited me at that time without any

Other Roland and Korg machines. This instrument has a gigantic sound bank of no less than 644 sounds with a classical orchestral style that enables you to analyze the instruments used in any orchestra by containing traditional sounds with real textures that are closer to reality.


Yamaha PSR-EW310 is made to suit all hobbyists, beginners and even professionals who love instruments manufactured by Yamaha. In addition PSR provides you with many additional features when playing the piano that you will not find in any other instrument.

The PSR-EW310 features support for traditional and old orchestral sounds with high Classic character.
Brand YAMAHA Model PSR-EW310
Type Electric Piano Keys 76 Keys
Weighted Keyboard NO Weight 6 lbs.
Color Black


  • Bright Sounds.
  • 76 Lite Keys.
  • Traditional orchestra sounds.
  • Included with looping pads.
  • Not digital piano for classical pianists but it may help you with some parts of your music.


  • Non-weighted Keys.
  • Very light weight, prone to falls.
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