Best digital piano 2021: Yamaha P71

You must have heard about the best digital piano 2021. and I have seen that there are many different types that vary in advantages and additions. and they are also not without negatives.

However this is the truth In addition You may find someone complaining about the types and quality of the switches.

In addition you may find someone else complaining about the sound.

which may be a little lacking. and there are also people who praise some industries that great companies such as Yamaha and Roland boast about.

However, in this article. we will mention to them the best digital piano 2021. as in the year 2021 there were many reviews for this product. on which you will decide whether you want to purchase this instrument or not.


Why Yamaha?

Yamaha is a company that has a good reputation among others. and has many capabilities that make it outperform its counterparts in music instruments. It is of Japanese origin and is located in Hamamatsu City.

Perhaps Yamaha has many industries that include some computer components. musical instruments and motorcycles.

Perhaps there is no harmony between Yamaha’s products. but its leaders are multitasking. which made them manufacture many unique products that are completely isolated from each other.

Music engineers adopt the study of developing musical instruments on an ongoing basis. Which leads them to innovation and development in their functional tasks.

Perhaps Yamaha is not the best in this field. However it has distinguished itself in PSR devices with beautiful screens since ancient times and still produces many Music Workstation devices such as Montage and Tyros.

However , which provided many better advantages over their counterparts Korg and Roland.

For instance , If you are one of those who are looking for the best digital piano 2021 for this year and every year. I may help you a lot, but I will be frank with you.

as the instrument that I will show you now may not fit your request. In addition you have the right not to buy at all. It has a very good potential.



Supporting Beginners

Playing organs with complex specifications is not easy even for professionals. and this results in a good knowledge of rhythms and a great work in sound engineering.

Above all , Beginners will face many difficulties when seeing more than 500 sound banks. which prevents them from learning anything.

In fact, digital piano machines are the first step to provide a calm academic environment through which experiences are passed on and benefited from.

For instance , music education institutes do not contain Korg PA. not even Roland Fantom.

In addition This is not for students of piano lessons. but rather contains a traditional piano and perhaps Electron with which the notes of music are performed.

When acquiring Yamaha equipment. you will shorten yourself a hard road full of difficulties that may one day push you to withdraw from education. if you want to achieve a goal in music.

Ask any professional musician what is the first way you learned to play. and he will tell you that it is an ancient Yamaha instrument. Yes. This is the fact of starting this path.

In addition it will lead you to professionalism one day. or perhaps it will lead you to lead a large orchestra in one of the theaters.

Well, after we have defined Yamaha and what its products are. I will now review the best digital piano 2021.

For instance , this machine deserves respect and appreciation from its fans. because of some of the advantages that I will mention in detail.




Yamaha P71 Digital Piano



What distinguishes Yamaha P71 is that it has a multi-position seat. which is a rare feature that hardly appears in other seats.

This is the first good point. As for the keys.

That company amazes me with the quality of the weighted keys that fit all hands. so you won’t feel the difference when sitting in front of the Yamaha P71 or even Classic wooden piano.

However , Yamaha will not give up the support of beginners in musical instruments.

In addition this is the secret of its success. so the player begins his long musical journey by taking this equipment from Yamaha. and the reason for that is because

it uses light-pressure keys while playing.

In addition it helped me a lot when I performed fast technical clips. Yamaha P71 has a Graded Hammer Action that helps you with the technique professionally to help you reduce the rate of mistakes.




Above all , Yamaha P71 keys have four levels of touch sensitivity. to help you determine your technical level in playing.

For instance , if you want to play from the ends of the keys. the degree of sensitivity is High and gradually decrease when heading upwards .

As for the black keys on Yamaha P71.

they have a matte finish to stop your fingers from slipping during sweaty hands. and of course. Tough Sensitivity will help you a lot in its four levels: Hard. Medium, Soft.

In addition Fixed. Yamaha P71 offers you 10 high-fidelity sounds that work in natural efficiency with high quality in memory capacity for each sound. some suitable for beginner levels.

and others may require skilled people to play the section to the fullest.

With your Yamaha P71 you will get Two Grand Piano. Two Eclectic Piano. Organs and strings, Harpsichord and Vibraphones.

which are very separate and realistic sounds. As for the weight.

Yamaha P71 is not heavy and weighs only 11.5 kg. but with installation and installation. the weight will increase, of course. because you will get a keyboard stand and a note stand.

Yamaha P71 was launched in February 2017. For instance it has 10 Acoustic sounds. which are for both education and professional purposes.

In addition It has 88 Weighted keys with different levels of sensitivity. Above all, help to provide better performance. making it the best digital piano 2021.

Brand YAMAHA Device Model P71
Preset 10 separated software Weight 11 KG
Support Metronome Yes Transposing Yes
Weighted Keys Supported(GHS)
Release Date February , 2017 Color Dark


  • Weighted Keys with levels.
  • Fixable seat.
  • Sheet Holder.
  • Bright Speakers.
  • Sustain Pedal.


  • Poor preset only has 10 sounds.
  • Poor software needs improvements.
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