Beethoven history : full story since 1770

The genius of classical music Ludwig van Beethoven. who was born in December 1770 until March 1827.

is a German musical personality. as he is one of the most famous figures that appeared in the classical era in Europe.

and was classified as one of the musicians who greatly influenced the piano.

and changed the course of education Academic in the study of piano science.

Beethoven has approximately nine symphonies. arranged as follows:

  • Five pure and clean piano pieces.
  • Thirty-two piano sonata clips.
  • Multiple chords including a set of strings.
  • Separately clips on the violin.
  • Intros for orchestra.

For instance , Beethoven is considered one of the greatest musical geniuses. who achieved fame in the era of Andalusia.

and the Islamic heritage in classical times. and the city of Bonn was his birthplace.

part of the Roman Empire. which was at its height in 1770.

Beethoven’s musical talent appeared at the age of six. which prompted his father to pay attention to his talent.

and supported him at a very young age to begin to appear in front of the crowd in 1778. She was talented at the time.

He was educated by Van den Eyden and Tobias Friedrich Pfeiffer. who are close friends of the Beethoven family and his parents.


Violin Learning

and he learned the violin from Franz Roventney. who is close to the Beethoven family.

Beethoven history is full of chaos and pain and the reason for this is that he became deaf at an early age.

which did not exceed his twenties. and His stomach pain and chronic diseases prevented him from practicing his profession properly.

and because of that, the idea of ​​suicide a lot.

Some chronic diseases that Beethoven lived with were discovered without clear reasons. as there were no genetic diseases in his family.

and this was the reason for him to write many suicide letters.

that he was writing to his brothers Karl and Nicholas. where he was accused of being quick to anger and suffering from bipolar diseases as well!.


His private life

Beethoven did not live a happy life at all. although he was surrounded by very close friends in his life.

perhaps because he was poor, as he lived in a class society with multiple powers and influence. which led him to despise the reality in which he lives.

There is a famous point in Beethoven history. which is that he got angry on stage in front of the audience.

and the reason for this was his excessive sensitivity to the audience. who sometimes did not listen well to the pub he was serving.

and this led him to stop playing until they finished talking to each other.

This genius was living poor in a world full of nobles and the wealthy.

which gave birth to a musical creativity that he could talk through with humans. even though he was deaf.!!

He was not hindered by the laws of the society in which he lived.

and he acted as if he were at home, even in front of a thousand audiences on the stage.

which prompted everyone to deal with him in a special and unique way.


French Revolution

Beethoven was composing his third symphony to present to the son of Napoleon. the founder of the French Revolution in 1804.

but Napoleon angered him when he became emperor of France. which was causing Beethoven to be angry.

because of the arbitrary behavior of the ruler and the emperor with humans in that period.

This prompted Beethoven to change the name of his third symphony to become a symphony of heroism in memory of a great man.

instead of Bonaparte’s symphony.

In other words , Beethoven’s history was full of artistic suspense.

as he was greatly influenced by the music of Mozart and Haydn because of their fame in that period.

and he was still in education despite his first three symphonies. but he was not able to satisfy the music sufficiently as required.

so he had to imitate the common musicians who appeared in his time.

Beethoven began his artistic life well after he lost his sense of hearing.

and the middle period of his artistic life was full of abundant and wonderful symphonies in its legends.

which consisted of six symphonies he began to produce after the year 1803.

That era of Beethoven history was centered on creating famous sonatas.

including the Moonlight Sonata, the Emotional Sonata. and one called the Violin Sonata.

and also composed in that period, the operatic Fidel.


1815 . period

However , It was a flourishing period in Beethoven history. and also a difficult period for his health.

as his hearing was completely lost. and it was a transitional stage in the world of classical music as a whole because the tavern was intellectually deep.

and indicative of a thoughtful and unique innovation in 1815.

The Ninth Symphony was the most famous symphony of that period.

which enabled him to extend his influence of a classical nature in the theaters of Europe.

and Beethoven was famous at that period for pride. This was intended because of the social view of musicians in that period.

where they were treated as servants and no attention was paid to them during play in art theaters.


His cultural life

The classical era of artists witnessed a different stage. Beethoven was a person who loved reading and was educated on a personal level.

which led to the refinement of his artistic personality in a wonderful manner. By everyone, unlike some musicians of that period.

who were met with humiliation and humiliation in their profession.



It was the death of Beethoven in 1827 in Vienna. and there was a difference about the cause of his death.

In other words , It was said that he had severe cirrhosis of the liver.

and some said that he was poisoned by lead. but after numerous studies conducted on the cause of his death in 1862.

researchers confirmed that the cause of his death is attributed to He was poisoned by lead. which he was taking many doses of.

Beethoven’s history was very strange and full of he did not enjoy good health throughout his life.

Therefore ,met many professional obstacles that prevented him from achieving material wealth.

We can say that Beethoven was one of the people who had a lot of luck after his death. But what is the use of that? !!!.

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