38 acoustic guitar: full specs

38 acoustic guitar is the most sought after in the market. because it preserves the classical character in the ears of the listeners. The guitar is a stringed instrument that requires many special skills that not everyone possesses.

Playing a guitar is equivalent to mastering playing many musical instruments. due to the traditional laws of the stringed instrument.

I am a little excited to mention the features of the 38 acoustic guitar which are among the most demanded pieces in the Amazon market.

and I will try to cover all the advantages that are available in this instrument. and I will work hard to give you a rich idea and a unique experience with this type of musical instrument. so I ask you. dear reader, to complete the article to the end.


What the guitar is?

The guitar consists of fixed strings, and playing them is performed by the tip of the fingers of the hand or by using a small piece that some call a playing plectrum. This sound is the melody or vocal material.

also guitar has a long arm to stretch the strings on. For instance This arm consists of six keys to tighten these strings unevenly. you will notice that guitar contains 3 octaves a bass layer, a middle layer, and a sharp pitch.

There are several types of guitar, including:

  • Nylon.
  • Metal.
  • Eclectic.
  • acoustic guitar.

The guitar is one of the oldest musical instruments on the face of the earth. It was famous in the Persian and Roman era through ancient manuscripts.

However ,The first guitar instruments arrived in Europe in the tenth century. and had forms that differ from the present time between them.


All guitars have witnessed many different developments throughout the ages. and were divided into two parts. the acoustic guitar and the electric guitar. In addition the flamingo was the most famous in ancient times and despite the many types of them.

Flamingo guitars were adopted in the use of accompaniment musical rhythms. but they became popular in most types of modern music.

In fact, the flamingo guitar is small in size and strings compared to the classical guitar. as it contains a small number of strings up to 6 instead of 12 strings. In addition it was used to generate rhythms for transcendental its performance.

Each geographical region had its own culture in different types of guitar.

For instance , the Spanish classical guitar was built with nylon strings. And it has a very attractive sound and is not suitable for playing it except in a sitting position.



38 acoustic guitar or Wood Guitar


The 38 acoustic guitar is the most beautiful if you have a classic style of musical characters. and because I like the wood color of 38 acoustic guitar.

I don’t like the blue color, which some of you may prefer to buy it from Amazon market. However I will undertake the task of revealing its technical specifications only because the appropriate colors depend on Your tastes and tastes are different.

Perhaps the best thing about this 38 acoustic guitar is its very cheap price on Amazon. which you will not find in other markets and stores located near your residence.

in addition to the availability of many beginner pieces that will help you a lot in doing your music.

This type of guitar will be very suitable for beginners and girls.

and for beginners. the most important thing that will be provided in this piece is a set of Kit. that will help you learn well and start to notice the remarkable development in your musical level.



You will get spare strings to be replaced in the event of a break in the main strings installed on this instrument. in addition to a bag that will enable you to take this piece anywhere you want.

as well as a belt that will help you tie this instrument well in your body so that you can play it while walking on the roads.

And the really amazing thing is that there is a Guitar Capo for the strings with the electronic tuner. and on the other hand, you will find in the package also a polishing cloth. which in turn will help you clean the 38 acoustic guitar when it gets dirty.

Note that this type of guitar is not suitable for professional people. so I advise you to buy it only for your young son or daughter. as it is limited in capabilities and small in size and does not suit you at all.



One of the best features that Amazon has offered about the 38 acoustic guitar. is that it is available in many beautiful colors. The purchase page contains more than 11 completely different colors.

and you will also find all the bags of different and varying colors. which makes it a good deal to buy for children and beginners.

The 38 acoustic guitar was launched in September 2018. In addition it is a guitar for beginners. amateurs and young adults.
However, When you buy this piece. you will get a Toolkit, most notably a bag of great quality. This guitar is also available in many different colors. although it is made of wood.
Type 38 inch Guitar Material Fully wood material
Strings type Nylon Num of strings 6
Size 38″ Release Date 2018 , September
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  • Durable Wood Material.
  • Realistic sound.
  • Full Accessories Kit.


  • Weakness in the neck area and bridge.
  • He can’t stand cruelty in playing.
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